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Founded in 1999, TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico is the original Pioneer of Medical Tourism industry in Mexico - Leader of Quality and affordable prices - We are the Mexican’s fastest growing plastic surgery provider and one of the Worldwide largest independent global operator focused in plastic surgery vacations and image transformation.

Over the years, the company has developed and maintained relationships with superior, internationally recognized surgeons, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers that consistently deliver excellent results for the thousands of clients we have served.

Our dedicated team of professionals is on the ground and behind the scenes working hard to ensure continuously improving customer service from initial contact to post-treatment follow up.



TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico has been ranked among the
Top 10 Worldwide Medical Tourism Companies specialized in Plastic Surgery.
and named the No.1 Choice of Medical Tourism Organizations in Mexico for 4 consecutive years 
- 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - rewarding the company for excellence in Tourism and Medical Services.


We are not aligned to any one hospital or surgeon.
We commit ourselves only offer the best quality standards at all times.
Over the past 15 years, we have scoured Mexico to select the right hospitals and the best internationally-recognized plastic surgeons. We have interviewed dozen of surgeons and met hundreds of patients, to finally work with the perfect medical team selected on 5 factors: Evidence of excellent past work, a flawless track record, Experience, Service and Price.

Our medical team is run by elite of highly qualified plastic surgeons who practice in Mexico. All have graduated from the best international universities in Mexico, and/or in the USA.


They have had from 20 to 30 years’ experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery and are all qualified members of the most prestigious Medical boards in the USA and/or in Mexico, to warranty our patients similar level of standards for membership as any of the western surgicalboards.


Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico has been the recipient of innumerable international awards for its landmark work in plastic surgery. Among these awards, we were selected as one of the top medical tourism company by Consumer's Research Council of Latin America. We also received the Patient's Choice Award, being highly rated and recommended by actual patients.



One of the main reasons for going to Mexico for plastic surgery is undoubtedly the professional excellence, the exquisite Latin Sense of Aesthetics of their surgeons...and cost saving!

Offering some of the best plastic surgery treatment in the world, with an excellent reputation for its private clinics and plastic surgeons, Mexico’s plastic surgery sector has undergone an enormous boom in recent years and the country has become the N°1 worldwide medical tourism destination for plastic surgery procedures, with a beauty tourism growing up to 60% each year.

You will be excited to learn that we not only offer the highest quality plastic surgery results, best quality in medical care and the use of modern technologies as well as top-quality materials for procedures, but we offer it at a fraction of the cost for the same procedures in the United States, Canada and Europe.


Our All Inclusive packages include everything:
- The Surgical Procedure
- Surgeons, Anesthetist, and all medical team fees
- Breast Implants (if any)
- Stay at Hospital
- from 5 to 10 days in a 4**** Hotel
- All the breakfeasts at Hotel
- All the Pre and Post-operative Consultations
- All Local Transportation

(from and to Airport / Hotel / Hospital / Medical Consultations...)

- A doctor visiting you at your hotel room five days a week to check your health conditions after the surgery; to help you to change your bandages, or to help you with anything you could need during your
recovery at hotel.

- Bilingual Assistant / All the medical staff speak english

Meet our Patient Assistance & Coordinator Team

Samantha Bellini
Managing Director

Fabiana Rosen
Manager Partner

Erika Sandoval
Patient Assistant

Rosa Bolivar
Office Manager

Paola Enrique
Patient Assistant

Johana Dugal
Webmaster Network

Antoine Gaubert
Patient Assistant

Diana Capiano
Customer Service Manager

Alejandro Varas
Customer Service Manager

David Suez
Patient Coordinator

Valeria Sanchez
Patient Coordinator

Gabriela Lorno
Patient Coordinator

Our general staff consists of friendly and knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to providing outstanding care. Since most have been patients themselves, they know what it’s like to have surgery and relate well to our patients’ needs. Our entire team strives to ensure that everyone’s plastic surgery experience is truly outstanding.

Our patient coordinators meet with each patient during the consultation and are responsible for patient education, financial quotations, surgery scheduling, and follow-up after surgery. 
Their excellent organizational skills and attention to detail helps make the entire process smooth and well-organized.

At TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico we work hard to provide safe, high quality plastic surgery at affordable cost and cosmetic surgeries procedures at a low cost. Our surgeons are all Board Certified by The Mexican and American Board of Plastic Surgery. What is our secret to provide such amazing plastic packages and prices? We make things simple and we negociate the best rate with our partners surgeons and hospitals. The cost of plastic surgery is dependent on a few factors, cost for the actual procedure, amount of work involved, medications, anesthesia, medical tests, surgical garments or other miscellaneous fees related to the surgery. As far as affordable plastic surgery goes, many patients consider the option of travelling overseas to get a plastic surgery as the actual surgical costs can be much lower. Mexico is the number destination for US and Candian patients for plastic surgery abroad at low cost.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Low Cost

The cost of any procedures such as Rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, brazilian Butt Lift, Mommy Makeover or facelift in Mexico, is much around 70% lower than the cost in the United States. Mexico is the most popular place known to have good quality plastic surgery services for very affordable prices. Mexico City is renowned to be the New capital of Plastic Surgery. As double board certified certified surgeons, our doctor are of course just as good as the ones in the United States, but they do operate at a much cheaper price. Like in the United States, in Mexico, the cost of the plastic surgery can vary from one state to another. Mexico City the best value for plastic surgery because in the capital of Mexico you will find the most experienced plastic surgeons, and the best care services. With plastic surgery from Top Plastic Surgeons in Mexico, our goal is to help your dreams come true by enjoying what you see when you look in the mirror through plastic surgery packages at very low cost. We offer a free consultation online and are happy to give you our help you evaluate the appropriate plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures best suited for your needs.

Cheap plastic surgery options / Cheapest country for plastic surgery

Affordable plastic surgery does exist, and we are here to educate you about the procedures that we provide you with great value the best plastic surgery packages at affordable cost when you have a limited amount of money to invest in your elective surgery. At our facility, we place a high value on keeping our fees affordable and making sure it is as convenient as possible for our patients to get the best care and top results. If you have questions about affordability of our plastic packages, payment options, please contact our patient coordinators. Finally we always strive to make our services affordable for every patient. We provide a variety of ways to pay your surgery, because we think there should be nothing standing between you and your desire to achieve “A New You”.

Affordable plastic surgery prices - procedures

Affordable Rhinoplasty / Nose Job US$2,500 -  Affordable Revision Rhinoplasty US$2,800 - Affordable Ethnic Rhinoplasty US$2,600 - Affordable Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Surgery - Affordable Upper Eyelids US$2,100 - Affordable Lower Eyelids US$2,100 - Affordable Upper + Lower Eyelids US$2,500 - Affordable Face Lift - Affordable Neck Lift (Cervico Facial Lift / SMAS Lift) US$3,500 - Affordable Lateral Brow Lift (Elevation of the eyebrows tail) US$2,300 - Affordable Complete Face Lift (Lateral Brow Lift + Neck Lift) US$4,100 - Affordable Ears Surgery / Otoplasty US$2,500 - Affordable Chin Implant US$2,700 - Affordable Cheek Augmentation US$2,900 - Affordable Buccal Fat Pad Removal US$2,200 - Affordable Upper Lip Shortening US$1,500 - Affordable Breasts surgery  - Affordable Breast Implants US$3,200 - Affordable Breast Reduction US$3,200 - Affordable Breast Lift US$3,200 - Affordable Breast Lift + Implants US$3,400 - Affordable Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia US$2,700 - Affordable Liposuction - Affordable 1 area Liposuction US$1,990  - Affordable 2 areas Liposuction US$2,600 - Affordable 3 areas Liposuction US$3,100 - Affordable 4 areas Liposuction US$3,600 - Affordable 5 areas Liposuction US$3,800 - Affordable Tummy Tuck (liposuction NOT included) US$2,900 - Affordable Buttock Augmentation with Micro Fat Grafting Injection (Brazilian Butt Lift) + 2 areas Liposuction US$2,990 - Affordable Body Lift after Weight Loss / Affordable Arms Lift / Brachioplasty US$2,800 - Affordable Thighs Lift US$3,200 - Affordable Torsoplasty (upper body Lift for men) US$3,100 - Affordable Female Intimate Surgery - Affordable Labiaplasty / Vaginal Rejuvenation US$2,500 - Affordable Vaginoplasty / Vaginal tightening US$2,500 - Affordable Labiaplasty + Vaginoplasty US$3,100 - Affordable Male Intimate Surgery / Affordable Penoplasty / Penile Lengthening US$3,100 - Affordable Girth Enhancement US$2,500 - Affordable Penoplasty + Girth Enhancement US$3,800


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