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Mexico City is the new Worldwide Capital of Plastic Surgery!

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Located in Mexico City, we welcome every year hundreds of patients from all over the world.
Our core mission is clear. We offer All Inclusive Plastic Surgery Packages at a mere fraction of what you would expect to pay in your country!
Expert surgical care, board certified plastic surgeons, proximity to the U.S. and Canada, and low procedure package pricing is our reality!

Full Face Lift 
Breast Implants
Brazilian Butt Lift
Tummy Tuck


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patients whom we have the pleasure of working with.

Patient's Age:52
Surgeries: Full FaceLift + Eyelids + Rhinoplasty + 10 days in a 4**** Hotel 

All Inclusive Package Cost:

Patient's Age:35
Surgeries: Complete Liposuction + Brazilian ButtLift + Breast Augmentation 600cc + 8 days in a 4**** Hotel  
All Inclusive Package Cost:

Patient's Age:30
Surgeries: Ethnic Rhinoplasty + Breast Augmentation 500cc + 7 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Package Cost:

Patient's Age:55
Surgeries: Breast Augmentation 600cc + Rhinoplasty + NeckLift + 7 days in a 4**** Hotel 
All Inclusive Package Cost:

Patient's Age:48
Surgeries: Breast Augmentation 480cc + Full Facelift + Eyelids + Rhinoplasty + 10 days in a 4**** Hotel 

All Inclusive Package Cost: US$11,000 

"Thank you sooo much.
I feel like a new person.
I am very happy with the results from my nose job, eyelift and facelift surgeries. Thank you for improving my life!!"

"I am so happy I chose Top Plastic Surgeon Mexico to change my life. It turned out perfect and is a dream come true. Thank you".

"This was a wonderful experience, and I am so very pleased with the results. The work is spectacular. You are the best".

"My experience with the medical staff and my surgeon instilled complete confidence and made me feel like a person. Everyone was superb!"

"The entire experience was overwhelmingly positive. The staff was just as supportive prior to the operation as during post-op. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Helping You Attain the Look You Desire

with Natural Looking Results and hot plastic surgery!


Our plastic Surgeons and their patients have appeared in many top beauty and fitness magazines such as Playboy Special Edition Mexico, Maxim, FHM... Read more

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Plastic Surgery in Mexico

There is currently a trend of medical tourism and plastic surgery packages in Latin America but more particularly in Mexico considered as the N°1 destination for US patients seeking medical procedures and plastic surgery at affordable cost. Every year thousands of patients from the United States, Europe and Canada, travel to Mexico to receive plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic surgery treatments at affordable cost because they could not afford it in their country. TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico in Mexico City provides various benefits for foreign patients mainly for the location, the warm service and the low cost of our All Inclusive Plastic Surgery Packages. Plastic and cosmetic surgery have been very popular for medical tourism in Mexico since more than 20 years, allowing an economic growth and in turn better infrastructure for the attention of patients travelling from other countries.
Plastic Surgery at TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico is staffed by highly qualified doctors and nurses to provide care and service with worldwide quality through an extensive infrastructure with cutting-edge medical technology.
Medical checkups, preventive care, and the recovery process of our patients, are promoted and monitored with warmth and professionalism of our service during your entire trip, making your stay comfortable and safe in our country.

Mexico for plastic surgery

Plastic surgery in Mexico has transformed many lives to those who believed in his country will never make it. TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico is composed not only by board certified plastic surgeons, but it is also part of an All Inclusive Service that includes hotel partners, private transportation, personal care, bilingual assistants and private assistance. At our centre quality is not sacrificed, but the price is so affordable, low and reasonable, because the volume of patients we receive every month allow us to negotiate the lower prices with our hospital, plastic surgeon and hotel partners.

We invite you to get to know our Internationally recognized plastic surgery facility where we offer cutting edge medical services. Our surgeons are certified plastic surgeons, with extensive training in Mexico and the United States. They have obtained International recognition due to his exclusivity in the field of plastic surgery with more than 20 years of experience. Our mission at is to make you feel at home, creating for you, with our bilingual group of medical professionals, a pleasant experience.

Cost Plastic Surgery in Mexico

At our facility we provide all kind of all inclusive plastic surgery packages and cosmetic surgery treatments at affordable cost to meet any budget, such as Tummy Tucks and Abdominoplasty in Mexico from US$2,900 / Mommy makeover packages US$7,990 / breast implants and breast augmentation packages for US$3,100/ liposuction packages US$1,900 / rhinoplasty and nose job surgeries at US$2,500 / Revision Rhinoplasty packages at US$2,700 / Ethnic Rhinoplasty US$2,600 / Eyelids Surgery and Blepharoplasty Cost US$2,100 / Full Facelift and Neck Lift cost in Mexico US$2,900 / SMAS Face Lift and cervico facial lift in Mexico US$3,200 / body lift, Plastic surgery after weight loss Mexico US$7,000 / Breast Reduction cost in Mexico US$3,100 / Breast lift + breast implants Cost in Mexico US$3,200 / Male Breast Reduction in Mexico US$2,900 / Gynecomastia in Mexico US$2,800 / Arms Lift and  Brachioplasty for US$2,800 / Inner Thighs Lift US$2,900 / Female Intimate Surgery / Labiaplasty and vaginal Rejuvenation Cost in Mexico US$1,900 / Vaginoplasty and Vaginal tightening Cost in Mexico US$1,900 / Male Intimate Surgery / Penoplasty / Penile Lengthening Cost in Mexico US$2,900 / Girth Enhancement Cost US$2,900 / Brazilian butt lift package and BBL Buttock augmentation cost in Mexico starts at US$2,900/ Buttock implants Mexico for US$4,000/ Buttock augmentation through fat injections and fat transfer package US$2,900 / Lip Lift - Upper Lip Shortening in Mexico US$1,800 / Chin Implant Cost in Mexico US$2,900 / Cheek Enhancement Cost in Mexico US$3,100 / cheek implants US$2,900 / Buccal Fat Pad Removal Cost US$1,800  etc.
Today, the practice of plastic surgery in Mexico has reached a high level of standards and development equal to that of the US. The big difference is that here in Mexico you can save up to 70% off the price of surgery in the USA.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Each year, millions of international patients are travelling to Mexico to receive a wide range of medical treatments, including plastic and cosmetic surgery. Mexico is a top choice destination for medical tourism, not only for affordable treatments and low prices (see a doctor in Mexico is 70% less expensive is you compare with the costs in the USA) but mainly for quality of treatment provided in the country. Risk of medical tourism is very low in Mexico but advantages are big.  At top Plastic surgeons Mexico you will find Board certified talented plastic surgeons worldwide renowned for their talent in plastic and cosmetic surgery with ample practice. Mexico is also considered the best country for plastic surgery as most of the top surgeons were trained in the United States and were trained in English-speaking medical schools and residency programs so language barrier won’t be a problem in Mexico. Plastic surgeons we work with are board certified in Mexico and in the United States. A certified plastic surgeon belonging to the Mexican Association of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, must have certain requirements that guarantee their formal education and force a high standard of ethics. Mexico’s medical professionals are often as skilled with modern technology as those in the US and Mexico has established clinics and hospitals staffed with American and European physicians to help ensure patients are as comfortable during their medical treatment overseas. With the growing interest in Plastic Surgery Vacation in Mexico, medical tourism companies such as TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico have formed to assist patients and tourists make the connections needed for a successful medical treatment overseas. All these advantage make Mexico the best country for medical tourism. Our hospital partners are also among the best in the world. We work with Hospital Angeles in Mexico City recognized as #1 hospital in Mexico and best healthcare 2019.

Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Our patients travel from all over the world to receive unmatched results through All Inclusive plastic and cosmetic surgery packages from TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico, Mexico City. Our world-renowned Latin America plastic surgery facility offers an array of procedures that include Liposuction, rhinoplasties, face lifts, BBL, breast implants, tummy tucks and Mommy Makeover packages at affordable costs. The level of service that Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico provides is almost non-existent in the Latin America region. We differentiate from other competitive Latin America medical tourism companies by our highest quality of services, affordable prices and a highly personalized and meticulous approach. We want you to have the best possible experience in Mexico, and have built our practice around that concept. Every detail of your plastic surgery in Mexico is geared to make you feel comfortable and cared for – beyond your expectations. The most important when choosing a plastic surgeon is to feels confident. Our mission at Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico is to provide comfort and assurance with your decision in choosing to have your plastic surgery performed in Mexico. Patient’s don’t go to TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico office looking for an operation; they come looking for results!


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