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The All-Inclusive Breast Implants Surgery package includes:
- The Surgical Procedure
- Board Certified Plastic Surgeons fees
- Certified Anesthesiologist and all Medical Team fees
- Certified Hospital Stay
- Supplies and disposable materials / All medication required during surgery
- Implants are included
- 7 days in a 4**** Hotel
- All the Pre and Post-operative Consultations
- All the local Transportation from and to (Airport / Hotel  -  Hotel / Hospital - Hotel / Medical Consultations...)
- Bilingual Assistant
- A doctor (not a nurse) will visit you in your hotel room 5 days a week to check your health after surgery; to help you change your bandages and to help you with anything you may need during your recovery time at the hotel).

Cost of Breast Implants without package (only surgery): US$3,400

Cost Mommy makeover Mexico
Cost Breast Implants Mexico

Patient's Age:38
Surgeries: Breast Lift + Implants + Tummy Tuck + Full Body Liposuction + 12 days in a 4**** Hotel Cost: 

Cost Breast Implants Mexico

Patient's Age: 27
Surgeries: Breast Implants + Rhinoplasty + 7 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Package Cost: 

"Your staff was awesome, on the day of the surgery everything went smooth and I left feeling confident. The recovery was quick. It is very apparent that you love what you do! My surgeon made me feel like he knew exactly what I want and in reality he made me look better than I ever thought, I am so happy with my results".

"The Staff and doctor were so professional. He made sure he explained everything before the procedure and he made me feel very comfortable and we even shared a few stories. I would deffinatly be going back to Mexico for any other future procedures and let’s not forget you work with one of the Best Surgeons in America and now I understand why.
After my breast lift my main concern was the scaring and those worries were gone as soon I saw my doctor's professionalism and his experience.
Thank you!!."

"I want to thank you so very much for the positive experience I had in Mexico with my Mommy Makeover surgery. You and your staff have been wonderful throughout my trip experience. I went in with a picture in my mind and he made that picture come to life! Thank you for the personal attention, it made me feel very special. Your care and service were absolutely exceptional! I greatly appreciate your kindness, compassion and professionalism. Your reassurance by being readily available for questions and concerns really makes you stand out in the medical profession. I am so grateful and thankful!! I feel beautiful- you are a true gift!"

"My experience from the beginning has been excellent. Alejandra, Pamela, along with the other ladies and my dr are wonderful, friendly and very knowledgeable. I felt comfortable from the day I arrived in Mexico. I’m 10 months post op and couldn’t feel better. The dr is very good at his craft! I must say, I’m very happy I chose your company!! I wish I would have found you earlier in my life- but better late than never :D"

Patient's Age:35
Surgeries: Rhinoplasty + Tummy Tuck + Full Body Liposuction + Breast Implants + 12 days in a 4**** Hotel 
All Inclusive Package Cost: 

Breast Lift and implants in Mexico.jpg

Patient's Age:36
Surgeries: Breast Lift + Implants + 7 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Total Package Cost: 

Plastic surgery Mexico

Breast Implants


Discover our Top Choice All Inclusive Breast Augmentation Special Packages! The packages below are All Inclusive, there is NO HIDDEN COST!

cost breast implants package in Mexico

Breast Implants
Liposuction 4 areas
(Abdomen, Abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back)

Buttock Augmentation
(Micro Fat Grafting technique /
Brazilian Butt Lift)

Included 8 days in a 4**** hotel

Cost Breast Implants in Mexico

Breast Implants

Breast Lift

Tummy Tuck


Liposuction 4 areas
(Abdomen, Abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back)

Included 12 days in a 4**** hotel

Breast Implants in Mexico



Breast Implants

Liposuction 4 areas
(Abdomen, Abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back)

Buttock Augmentation
(Micro Fat Grafting technique /
Brazilian Butt Lift)

Included 8 days in a 4**** hotel

Breast Augmentation in Mexico

Breast Implants

Breast Lift

Tummy Tuck


Liposuction 4 areas
(Abdomen, Abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back)
Buttock Augmentation
(Micro Fat Grafting technique /
Brazilian Butt Lift)

Included 12 days in a 4**** hotel



The first step to arrange your plastic surgery vacations in Mexico is to send us the Pre Consultation Form 



Plastic Surgery mexico

Get your plastic surgery in Mexico by

Board certified plastic surgeons in Mexico

Ranked among the Top 10 Worldwide Medical Tourism Companies specialized in Plastic Surgery and named the No.1 Choice of Medical Tourism Organizations in Mexico for 4 consecutive years - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - rewarding the company for excellence in Tourism and Medical Services.

BREAST IMPLANTS Surgery in Mexico

What is a breast Implants Surgery?
TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico, Breast Implants in Mexico
Breast implants (also known as a boob job or breast implants) is in Mexico’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women with liposuction. Breast enlargement or breast implants treatment involves the surgical addition of implants to improve the shape, size, form and/or feel of your breasts.
It is a relatively straightforward breast enhancement treatment with a high satisfaction rate.
The surgeon will discuss your ideal breast size and shape fully during consultation to find the best way to achieve the outcome that suits you. At Top Plastic surgeons Mexico, we find that patients’ biggest worry is often finding the correct size so we spend as long you need prior to surgery going over your options and showing you similar before and after photos to ensure your decision is the right one.
At our facility we are proud to offer the highest quality implants, with procedures performed by some of the Mexican’s top consultant plastic surgeons. Our team includes some of the most recognised plastic surgeons in the Mexico..



What are the benefits of Having Breast Implants in Mexico?
Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico is 100% American Owned + Operated and committed to offering you the best medical travel options in Mexico City, Mexico.
- Our experts have selected only the best mexican plastic surgeons for you
- TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico is the ONLY medical travel company worldwide to work directly with our surgeons, there are no third parties or hospital sales staff, so your information is secure and we are able to have your questions answered quickly.
- Your health + safety are our main priority, which is why we only offer you the most qualified and experience plastic surgeons, private hospitals and private clinics.
Our expert team has over 20 years’ experience in medical travel, and we believe it's information is key for you to make the best decision for your plastic and cosmetic surgery
No agency fees or 'lock-in' fees - you'll receive a breakdown of your trip so you know exactly what you're paying!

How much does Breast Implants Surgery cost in Mexico?

Today, the practice of cosmetic and plastic surgery in Mexico has reached a high level of standards and development equal to that of the US. The big difference is that here in Mexico you can save up to 70% off the price of surgery in the USA.

Our All Inclusive Breast Implant Packages in mexico:
At TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico we have developed All Inclusive Plastic Surgery Packages that combine some of our most popular procedures at in ways that make sense for our international patients' needs. We are here to help you meet the high standards to which you hold your physical appearance.
The cost of our Breast Augmentation package in Mexico is of US$3,700.
We also provide an All Inclusive Tummy Tuck travel package that includes: 
- The Surgical Procedure
- The Breast implants
- Surgeons, Anesthetist and all medical team fees
- 6 nights / 7days in a 4**** Hotel
- All the Pre and Post-operative Consultations- All the local Transportation from and to (Airport / Hotel  -  Hotel / Hospital - Hotel / Medical Consultations...)
- Bilingual Assistant / Dedicated Case Manager / Coordinator
- A doctor who will visit you in your hotel room 5 days a week to check your health after surgery; and to help you change your bandages or to help you with anything you may need during your recovery time at the hotel).

Why TOp Plastic Surgeons MExico is the best place to get a Breast Augmentation in Mexico?
Excellence in Plastic Surgery industry and Medical Tourism for over 20 years; TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico's Clinic features a standard of excellence in personalized care that enables us to provide the quality cosmetic enhancement services that our international patients deserve. We provide comprehensive treatment planning and follow strict standards to ensure your plastic surgery will go smoothly and achieve the results you desire.
Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is one of the biggest decisions someone can make, and selecting the right facility is an important task for every patient. With a convenient location in Mexico City, Mexico, TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico's Clinic is a top cosmetic surgery centre that specializes in delivering natural outcomes.

Is it safe to get a Breast Augmentation in mexico?

Today, Mexico is recognized as the New World Capital of plastic surgery and considered as the best place for US patients seeking affordable surgery costs. TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico work with the most outstanding Medical Centers, Private clinics and hospitals in Mexico City. 

HOW LONG Should I stay in Mexico to recover from my  Breast IMplants?
Post-op care is as important as the surgery. We recommend you to stay 7 days in Mexico if you would like to get a breast implants surgery at our facility.
- 24 hours after the surgery, your surgeon will remove the bandages 
- You will have to wear a supportive bra. Athletic bras work well, but we recommend you to bring a specialized bras to be worn 30 days post-surgery.
- Most patients return to their normal lives within a 8 days of the surgery,but there is still some recovery to be done. Most patients can resume driving after one week because they no longer require taking their pain medication.
- The recovery process becomes much easier after 7 days. 
- Any activity that increases your blood pressure (such as exercises) should be avoided within 30 days after surgery. After 30 days, you will be able to do low-impact exercises like using an elliptical machine or stationary bike, but no jogging or running.

Gummy Bear implants in Mexico
Our plastic surgeons only work with new silicone implants / gummy bear (brands: Mentor, Silimed, Allergan or Motiva) 
All brands are FDA approved. New cohesive silicone implants feel much more natural than saline implants.
There are many advantages to use new Gummy Bear implants vs Saline implants.
• Gummy bear implants used at our facility in Mexico City are all FDA approved. 
• The new material used is much firmer than saline implants and it warranty a lower risk of Wrinkles and Rippling.
• Gummy Bear implants are new silicone gel implants that warranty a very low risk for rupture because the Gummy Bear implant comes from the more cohesive silicone within the implant.  The shape of the Gummy Bear implants gives a patient a more natural looking shape. 
• Gummy bear implants keep their shape and they do not leak: In case the implant shells break (less than 1% of probability it occurs), the ultra-cohesive silicone gel / gummy bear implant is the only filler that will not leak out.
• They reduce the probability of capsular contracture: Capsular contracture is a risk of any breast augmentation procedure (around 5% of cases). Gummy bear implants are highly recommended to reduce the risk of capsular contracture over other type of breast implants.
• Your results will still the same forever. Traditional silicone and saline implants are gradually affected by the natural shape of a woman’s breast and are constantly subject to the laws of gravity. 
Therefore these kinds of implants will morph into new shapes due to the pressure applied by the surrounding breast tissues.
Gummy bear breast implants, will keep you breast with the same shape because the breast tissue will naturally conform to them. As a result, the breasts will continue to maintain the initial improvements gained via breast implant surgery forever. . 

Who is the best Breast Implants Surgeon in Mexico?

Finding the best Plastic Surgeon for your needs is perhaps the key decision in ensuring your plastic surgery outcomes is everything you desire. Since the date with started our company we have improved countless lives by delivering natural looking results that maintain the unique contour of each patient’s features, hence the reason we are the leading Mexico Plastic and Cosmetic Medical tourism company. TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico’s patients benefit from our thorough and conservative approach, and they appreciate receiving an honest evaluation of expected results before surgery.

Our surgeon partners are known and heavily sought after for their skill and experience within the plastic surgery field along with the reputation of being one of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico and Latin America. We have a long list of over 9,000 international patients ranging from celebrities, fashion models to public figures showcases. Our surgeons are all double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons in Mexico, and in the USA.

Patient's Age: 32
Surgeries: Breast lift + Implants + 7 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Package Cost: US$3,950

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