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Gone are the days when plastic surgery was only geared for Hollywood starlets and the sexy set. Today there are far more affordable alternatives to the high costs of plastic surgery in the US and Canada- just south the border.
Plastic surgery in Mexico has long established its stature as the world's leading plastic surgery destination in its own right. The country has developed its plastic surgery facilities and services based on the Western model. Couple these facilities with an increasing number of Western-trained physicians from the USA that are returning to Mexico, and the result is a high quality medical alternative with significant cost savings, attracting each year thousands of US and european patients for reduced costs of the plastic surgery treatments.
However, for to many people Medical Tourism is new and there is apprehension from patients that have never travel abroad for a medical procedure and have stereotypical impressions of what they might find in another country.
In actuality, Mexico is at the forefront of medical technology with many hospital facilities and standards similar of what might be found in the U.S., Europe and Canada.

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The New World Capital of Plastic surgery.

There are more plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures performed in Latin America than anywhere else in the world.
Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico has attracted thousands of patients from around the globe - the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany, France, Canada - even as far away as New Zealand.

Don’t think that low prices equal low quality,
Quite the contrary.

In Mexico the incidence of bad surgeries is extremely low because the laws protecting the patients and the high standards of patient care are much higher than in other countries of Latin America. Many of the most advanced medical facilities in the world exist outside of the United States with specific programs carefully designed to attract international patients. In fact, our partner hospitals have spent the last decade preparing for the explosive growth of medical tourism, specifically adhering to the same high standards that we in the United States have come to trust.

At TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico, we have become famous for providing a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures using state-of-the art surgical techniques. We are skilled in the use of minimally invasive and laparoscopic techniques, resulting in reduced scarring and faster recovery time. This depth of knowledge, coupled with experience and access to a diverse array of advanced therapies, enables us to offer a standard of care rarely matched in the industry. Furthermore, to ensure you wonderful results and a total safety during your surgery, we require all the procedures to be performed with a complete medical team that includes:

- Two board-certified surgeons
- Both surgeons are attended by two nurse assistants
- An anesthesiologist with an attending  nurse.
- The anesthesiologist stays with the patient throughout the surgery and until the patient is discharged from the recovery room.
- Two instrumentalist nurses.

Our surgeons have worked with their medical staff for over 20 years. They have been involved in thousands of surgical cases.

Plastic Surgery Reviews Mexico

The question that is asked most often by clients is,
“What happens if something goes wrong?”

No surgeon or hospital anywhere in the world can ever guarantee absolutely no problems and complications, but at TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico we do work with our patients to reduce the risks as much as possible. Our experience in the Medical Tourism industry has allowed us to understand the needs of each one of our patients and their fears prior to surgery.

To relieve your anxiety and ensure you a total peace of mind, we will place at your disposal a Full Recovery Package, providing you with the assurances that you are not putting yourself at unnecessary risk by travelling overseas for surgery.

As we guide you, we also ask for your help to help yourself with your recovery. If you travel with us for surgery, and take the following advice, your risks will be minimised and you should be very happy with your results:

Before the Surgery (in your country).
To minimise all possible medical risks - during and after surgery - (for example clotting and cardiac problems, diabetes, etc.), all patients must fill out a complete Medical History / Pre Consultation Form, as well as undergo a full set of pre-operative blood work (Blood formula - Blood group - Haemostasis Urea - Glycaemia).

The blood tests will have to be made in your country prior to your arrival.
As a first step, this full set of pre-operative blood work is essential to us to confirm there is no medical reason to not undergoing your surgery.

AFTER the Surgery

Many clinics at home send you home the same day of your surgical procedure, leaving you exposed to the same stresses and commitments when you are still healing and recuperating are not ready.  Stress is a major factor of complications and problems. Furthermore, many surgeons do not offer follow-up examination and advice. This may promote complications and problems, which will not be addressed until too late.

Our policy regarding the length of stay (our All inclusive plastic surgery packages include from 7 days to 13 days in Mexico); to highly reduce to the risk of complications when the patient goes back home.

What makes TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico different from the others is that during your stay a doctor (not a nurse) is going to visit you at your hotel room 5 days a week to check your recovery, help you to change your bandages, clean the incisions, check your stitches… In case you need something you will have an emergency phone number.

Complications can arise in plastic surgery. Legal recourse usually takes years to resolve. With Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico, court action is not necessary.
Our job is to protect and assist our patients.

A unique Patient Care Guarantee - "Shared Responsibility".

If you are healthy without prior medical conditions and have realistic expectations, you follow your surgeon’s advice and recovery instructions, then you should be pleased with your results. Our dedicated attention to you at all stages of your travel and surgery ensures you get the results you expect as well as having a wonderful, relaxing holiday.

However the practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science. There  are  many  variable  conditions  that  may  influence  the  long term  result  of  surgery. It  is  unknown  how  the tissue  may  respond  or  how  wound  healing  will  occur  after  surgery.   Although good results are expected, there is no guarantee or warranty expressed or implied, on the results that may be obtained.   

Should complications arise in relation with the aesthetic results of your surgery (under extremely rare circumstances), and there is an immediate solution to fix the problem, your plastic surgeon will perform a corrective surgery at no cost.
The patient will be charged for general hospital / clinic fees, anaesthetist and medical fees and necessary drugs used during and after surgery.
Should it be necessary to prolong your stay, with the specific aim of undergoing a corrective procedure for aesthetic improvement, we will cover your hotel expenses for 7 days, and we will ensure all the local transportation, all post-operative visits, nursing check up at hotel.


Safe Plastic Surgery Mexico

When talking about plastic surgery overseas, the question is always the same: ”Are prices cheaper in Mexico due to substandard quality?” Price is a main factor when choosing to have a surgery performed overseas but safety is a key issue for anyone thinking of going overseas for plastic surgery (also called medical tourism). Before travelling you have to be sure that your international doctor / plastic surgeon is truly qualified – or even a real doctor. At Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico we only work with board certified plastic surgeons. Mexico provides excellent healthcare services. Our medical tourism company is considered among the best in international medical tourism company in Mexico. At our facility you will find standards of care similar or better to what you are used to in your country making your plastic surgery experience in Mexico very safe.

How to find a safe plastic surgery in Mexico?

There are many well qualified doctors and hospitals in Mexico. At Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico you will find the best plastic surgery packages. We provide costs procedures 60% lower compared to the U.S. Even including the cost of travel and a hotel stay, it is much cheaper to get a procedure done in Mexico than to have it done at home. However low cost procedure does not mean lower healthcare standards. Keep in mind though, that most established medical tourism destinations such as Mexico are competing against each other to lure international patients. We work with hospitals partners who have worked hard to provide our medical tourist patients with world-class facilities, a dream team medical staff and cutting-edge technology. Most of our partners are accredited by international organizations such as Joint Commission International. Travelling with Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico is the warranty to have a safe plastic surgery in Mexico.

Is it safe to get a plastic surgery in Mexico?

These and other questions like these will undoubtedly pass through your mind as you consider traveling in Mexico for plastic surgery. All the hospitals that receive international patient are competing against each other. This rivalry motivates international hospitals to lavish medical tourism patients with personalized attention and services that you will seldom find at any U.S hospital. A wide range of exceptional medical treatment and plastic surgery packages are offered in Mexico at very affordable prices. All the hospitals we have chosen to work with offer advanced medical technologies and health care facilities by using the same medical knowledge and technology than in the USA at a lower price. Plastic Surgeons we work with are all well trained and experienced, multi-lingual, with quite a lot of them having undergone professional training in US. Therefore travelling with us for your plastic surgery overseas you can be assured that you will be in the most expert of hands.

Medical Tourism and Plastic Surgery in Mexico, Is It Safe?

When it comes to medical tourism, the Mexican Medical Industry is synonymous with the highest quality and standards worldwide and affordable prices. Mexico is by far the worldwide leader in the medical tourism industry. Every year millions of international patients travel from all around the world for varying medical procedures and treatments. The most popular treatments are plastic surgery procedures. Affordable costs and accredited treatments are the main reasons behind the success of medical tourism in Mexico. At Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico we work with Internationally Accredited Hospitals that are either JCI accredited, which means the infrastructure and quality of care is at par with US standards or have ISO, or reputed accreditation. Affordable plastic surgery cost due to favorable currency exchange rate, low salary cost, and government subsidies make the Mexican Medical System highly cost-effective. Our board certified and highly skilled plastic surgeons and to the latest and the most advanced medical equipments required to perform complex treatments or surgeries will warranty you a safe plastic surgery in Mexico.

They are many advantages to have a plastic surgery performed in Mexico when you compare with the USA. Affordability and Cost Effectiveness is one of the main advantages. Prices of plastic surgery procedures in the USA, Europe or Canada are very high as compared to Mexico. Travelling to Mexico for cosmetic surgery procedure will make you save between 50 to 70%, including the cost of tickets & accommodation. High Quality Healthcare is another advantage you will get if you travel to Mexico for your plastic surgery. Because medical tourism will give you access to top doctors and plastic surgeons who are trained and certified in U.S. and are considered in Mexico as the best of the best. In your country to have access or to be treated by top surgeons is extremely expensive. In Mexico you will have access to top Mexican doctors. Privacy and Anonymity is another advantage. International patients go on a vacation for their plastic surgery, and avoid questions from friends and relatives about the required surgeries. Travelling overseas gives the patient the opportunity to visit a new city.

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