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plastic surgery mexico

Facelift in Mexico

All inclusive FaceLift vacation packages in Mexico
As you might already know, Mexico City is one of the top places in Latin America to get a Facelift surgery at affordable cost. For some expert, Mexico City is renowned as the new worldwide capital of plastic surgery. Every year millions of medical tourists travel to Mexico for all over the world to perform a Facelift surgeries and all kind of other medical procedures.
At TopPlasticsurgeonsMexico we provide All inclusive FaceLift plastic surgery vacations in Mexico to receive top of the line, all kind of Facelift surgeries (SMAS Lift, Full Facelift, Brow lift, Cervico Facial Lift ...) as well, as Facelift procedures that are non-surgical.
We provide our international patients plastic surgery procedures with the highest technological advances conducted by double board certified surgeons.
We only focus our services on our patients’ satisfaction. We and our staff believe that you are our number one priority. We understand that making the decision to undergo plastic surgery overseas is a huge decision that can be difficult to take with so many things to consider, such as finding the best surgeons and taking into consideration the risks.
Due to our vast experience in Medical tourism and plastic surgery field and having received thousands of patients from all over the world, we work hard to facilitate the process for you. From the moment you step Mexico City Airport, you will understand that it is our top priority to help you, listen and understand your needs and concerns. Our staff of experienced and friendly professionals strives to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your plastic surgery vacation in Mexico.

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plastic surgery in Mexico
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If you are interested in getting a FaceLift performed in Mexico, the first step is to send your Pre Consultation Form.

package in Mexico

Costs Facelifts (includes procedure only):

SMAS Facelift / Neck Lift / Cervicofacial Lift: US$3,500
Temporal Lift / Lateral Brow Lift: US$2,300
Complete Facelift (Neck Lift + Temporal Lift): US$4,100


Cost of All Inclusive Facelift packages:
SMAS Facelift / Neck Lift / Cervicofacial Lift: US$3,900
Temporal Lift / Lateral Brow Lift: US$2,700
Complete Facelift (Neck Lift + Temporal Lift): US$4,500 

The package includes:

- The Surgical Procedure

- Surgeons, Anesthetist and all medical team fees

- Stay in Hospital

- 7 days in a 4**** Hotel

- All the Pre and Post-operative Consultations- All the local Transportation from and to (Airport / Hotel  -  Hotel / Hospital - Hotel / Medical Consultations...)- Bilingual Assistant

- A doctor (not a nurse) visiting you at your hotel room five days a week to check your health conditions after the surgery, and to help you to change your bandages, or to help you with anything you could need during your recovery time at hotel.



plastic surgery mexico

TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico has been ranked among the
Top 10 Worldwide Medical Tourism Companies specialized in Plastic Surgery.
and named the No.1 Choice of Medical Tourism Organizations in Mexico for 4 consecutive years 
- 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - rewarding the company for excellence in Tourism and Medical Services.

Brazilian Butt Lift


Breast Implants

Tummy Tuck

Full Face Lift

Facelifts plastic surgery vacations in Mexico

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Mexican facelift

Patient's Age:54
Surgeries performed: Complete Facelift | Upper & Lower Eyelids | Breast Lift + Implants
All Inclusive Package Cost: US$9,200

Mexican facelift

Patient's Age:56
Surgeries performed: Complete Facelift | Upper & Lower Eyelids | Rhinoplasty | Lip Lift | Lip Filler
All Inclusive Package Cost
: US$8,500 

All inclusive plastic surgery in mexico

Patient's Age:50
Surgeries performed: Complete Facelift | Upper & Lower Eyelids | Breast Implants

All Inclusive Package Cost: US$8,990

Mexican facelift

Patient's Age:49
Surgeries performed: Complete Facelift | Breast Implants

All Inclusive Package Cost: US$7,700 

Mexican facelift

Patient's Age:57
Surgeries performed: Complete Facelift | Upper & Lower Eyelids | Rhinoplasty | Lip Lift | Lip Filler
All Inclusive Package Cost:

mexican facelift

Patient's Age:55
Surgeries performed: Complete Facelift | Upper & Lower Eyelids
Total Package Cost:

Mexican Facelift

Get your Facelift in Mexico at affordable cost. We are a fully accredited Certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, offering our patients an alternative to high-priced cosmetic surgery.
Mexico, in fact, has become one of the world’s prime destinations for those clients looking for low-cost, high-quality plastic surgery procedures. At TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico, under the leadership of our plastic surgeons, we have been providing our patients safe and affordable cosmetic surgery - face lift, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and a host of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures - for over 15 years.
We are conveniently located in the most prestigious area of Mexico City -Polanco- just a 30-minute drive from Mexico City Airport. Since our inception, it has been our commitment to continually provide our clients access to the most advanced plastic and cosmetic surgery techniques in a comfortable, clean, and discreet environment; providing you with superlative attention and service and the most reasonable price.
They are considered among the most renowned and dedicated plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Mexico. Our surgeons and hospitals as a whole, are committed to providing patients with the safest, most comfortable experience possible with the beautiful outcome that they expect from plastic surgery.
Mexico has become one of the premier destinations for affordable cosmetic procedures; but as with any elective surgery you need to take the time to ensure that you choose the right doctor, as well as the right facility.

How much does a FaceLift cost in Mexico?

Your face is the first thing people notice about you. Whether it is your eyes, your smile or expressiveness you are constantly aware of the impression you make on other people. When wrinkles, skin discoloration, sagging skin or other evidence of aging become more noticeable, plastic surgery / Facelift may be the answer.  With plastic surgery you can turn back the hands of time. Not only will you look and feel younger you will also feel more confident and vibrant.
TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico has partnered with plastic surgeons in Mexico who are the best of the best.
The most important criterion when we searched for our plastic surgeons partners, was your surgeon's and hospital's safety track record. Our plastic surgeons use only anesthesiologists, rather than nurse anesthetists. Our conservative surgeons insist that you stay in the hospital for at least two days even if your procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis in the USA, Canada, or Europe.
With all these safety measures your total cost for your Facelift and the trip should still be at least 50% to 70% lower than that for the same procedure done in the U.S.

Facelift & Plastic Surgery in Mexico

​In recent years, plastic surgery has catapulted itself into the mainstream, and has become both popular and more accepted than ever before. At TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico , we believe that plastic and cosmetic surgery should not be used to drastically change who you are, but rather, to help enhance your best assets, and help hide some of those unwanted features as well.
Your Facelift Plastic Surgeon in Mexico City.
It is important to evaluate your plastic surgeon based on several factors. When you perform your search for a plastic surgeon in Mexico, make sure she/he is certified by the Mexican and /or the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Additionally, you may notice that the plastic surgeon is involved in prestigious societies such as the Mexican Society for Plastic Surgeons, the Mexican Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It is also important to evaluate the plastic surgeon’s before and after photos. 
Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico has done all the hard work and due diligence for you.
Over the years, we have interviewed and met All of the most important and renowned plastic surgeons in Mexico; and we have visited around forty private clinics and Hospitals in Mexico City. We have selected the few private clinics and hospitals and only the best plastic surgeons to work with, based on the most important factors: evidence of excellent past work, a flawless track record, experience, service and price. As we found out, this combination is extremely difficult to find and hard to come by.
​There is a great deal of research that goes into finding the best surgeons, and we strongly recommend travelling with us just for this reason. It is extremely risky choosing a surgeon or hospital via the internet alone, and you will not get the attention, the Surgical Guarantee and service from the clinics and surgeons if you travel alone rather than with Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico.

Your Facelift in Mexico

TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico in Mexico was started with only one thing in mind...YOU!
Giving you the best Cosmetic Surgery Costs in Mexico and the best quality care. Our center and private clinics partners are places where you can obtain the facelift and plastic surgery results you desire in safe and comforting atmosphere.
Our plastic Surgeons are considered one of the top Plastic Surgeons in Mexico. They all have international reputation for superior facelift surgery results.  Whether you are interested in Facelift, Eyelifts, Blepharoplasty, SMAS Lift, Neck Lift... you can be assured that you will be attended by 5 plastic surgeons that cares and gets the results you are looking for. 

Why ti get a Facelift in Mexico? 

TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico has become one of the largest and respected private cosmetic plastic surgery medical tourism company in Mexico and the United States since its establishment in 1999.
As one of the first private medical tourism company in the nation to inaugurate its own in-house research center, and working in the best hospitals of Mexico City, we been at the forefront of introducing innovative new surgical techniques and safety measures that have advanced and revolutionized the art and science of plastic surgery.
Guided by the mission to provide exceptional aesthetic results and premier patient care, TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico and our plastic surgeons continually evaluate and implement the latest advances in surgical and nonsurgical Facelift treatments, as well as products and services to optimize recovery, results, and the healing of scars.
We have assembled teams of highly-trained staff members that are dedicated to providing every patient with compassionate, attentive care in a warm, comfortable setting.

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