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EMMA'S STORY "My Glamorous nose Transformation: Rhinoplasty Experience in Mexico!"

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Surgery date: November 2020
Surgery performed: Rhinoplasty
Surgeon: Dr Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon
Procedure Price: US$2,700

Nose Job - Rhinoplasty in Mexico | TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico
Emma's Nose Job - Final Results!

My Life-Changing nose job Journey with TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico!

Just 8 months ago, I embarked on a life-changing adventure in Mexico that completely transformed my nose and my self-esteem. Today, I feel compelled to share my captivating experience at TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico because, just like others' stories inspired and comforted me, I hope my own journey can empower and embolden anyone considering a similar path.

My road to rhinoplasty was not a hasty decision but rather a thoughtful and introspective process. At 26 years old, my desire for a nose surgery had been brewing for more than a decade. From the earliest moments of my recollection, my nose had been my greatest source of insecurity. However, it was in late March 2020 that I reached a tipping point. As I scrolled through holiday pictures, a wave of disgust washed over me, and I made a solemn promise to never allow side-profile snapshots again.

While I firmly believe in embracing and loving our bodies, there are certain aspects that cannot be altered through self-acceptance alone. My nose was one such aspect, and I knew that a rhinoplasty was the path to a newfound sense of beauty and self-assurance. It was time to turn my aspirations into reality.

"Nose jobs are pricey in Los Angeles, with the average cost coming in at around $10,000. But in Mexico, the average price is closer to between $2,500 and $3,500".

With unwavering courage and a carefully saved nest egg, I embarked on a quest last year to find the perfect plastic surgeon, igniting a thrilling adventure that would redefine my sense of beauty. The process was no small feat, as I scoured the realms of private surgeons, cosmetic surgery companies, and prestigious hospitals in Mexico. Determined to work within my limited budget, I sought out the most alluring options available.

Los Angeles, renowned for its sky-high prices, boasted nose job costs averaging around a staggering $10,000. However, my relentless pursuit of an affordable yet exceptional experience led me to discover a hidden gem south of the border. In Mexico, where beauty takes center stage, the average price for a nose job dances tantalizingly between $2,500 and $3,500.

Armed with my fervent desire for transformation, I delved into the abyss of online research. The sea of information threatened to engulf me, but I persevered, ultimately securing multiple consultations to meticulously compare the pros and cons of three exceptional locations. From the enchanting streets of Mexico City to the vibrant allure of Tijuana, and the captivating ambiance of Guadalajara, I left no stone unturned. Though I choose not to divulge their names, let it be known that my quest for perfection left no avenue unexplored.

After days of arduous deliberation, a moment of clarity washed over me like a cascading wave of inspiration. The decision, the monumental choice that would forever alter my destiny, was made. Mexico City beckoned with its irresistible charm, and with unwavering conviction, I embraced my fate. Oh, how proud I am of that resolute decision!

And so it was, mere days later, that my name adorned the sacred appointment book of the illustrious TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico. With bated breath and a palpable sense of excitement, I stepped into the realm of possibility. Guided by the skilled hands and expert vision of the esteemed Dr. Balthazar Rendon, my transformation was set in motion.

"I remember my first consultation I was in the waiting room looking at all the patients, and I remember felt reassured and stress-free because all his patients looked fabulous".

In the realm of aesthetics, every detail matters, and my journey was no exception. From the moment I embarked on this transformative path, a warm and comforting presence enveloped me. My patient coordinator, the extraordinary David, became my guiding light, offering unwavering support and a wealth of knowledge throughout the entire process. His friendly demeanor and genuine care dissolved any worries, ensuring that my experience would be nothing short of exceptional.

TopplasticsurgeonsMexico in Mexico radiated an air of warmth and camaraderie that instantly put me at ease. No question was too trivial, no request too grand. Every member of their remarkable team exuded an infectious spirit of friendliness and understanding. From the vibrant receptionist to the compassionate nurses, each encounter filled my heart with a sense of reassurance and confidence.

As I sat in the waiting room during my first consultation, a remarkable sight unfolded before my eyes. The array of awe-inspiring patients, each exuding radiance and poise, showcased the undeniable artistry of my surgeon. Like a master painter, he possessed an innate ability to sculpt beauty and enhance features, leaving a trail of mesmerizing transformations in his wake.

"With a staff so remarkably kind, understanding, and ever-helpful, it was clear that I had found my sanctuary of transformation."

Yet, amidst the backdrop of excitement and anticipation, the day of surgery stood as an awe-inspiring pinnacle of my journey. As I prepared to step into the realm of metamorphosis, a mixture of nerves and exhilaration coursed through my veins. The realization that my face would undergo a magnificent transformation, unveiling a new nose upon awakening, left me in awe. Though nervous, a sense of empowerment enveloped me as I embraced the long-awaited fulfillment of a decade-old dream.

The surgery, a carefully orchestrated dance of precision and artistry, unfolded over the course of two hours. And so, my recovery began. While the initial phase held its share of discomfort, it was surprisingly devoid of significant pain. The first night proved less than ideal, as I grappled with nasal packing and a gargantuan tampon to absorb any residual blood. Yet, as I braved these temporary inconveniences, I marveled at the absence of true agony. In truth, the pain paled in comparison to the discomfort experienced during a routine period.

Rather than overwhelm you with the intricate details of my surgical experience and subsequent recovery, I prefer to let my before and after pictures speak volumes. For it is through these visual testaments that the astounding transformation becomes evident, capturing the essence of this awe-inspiring journey.

As I reflect on the extensive recovery period, a profound truth emerges—this complex procedure, though time-consuming, bestows unparalleled rewards. It possesses the power to reshape faces, instilling newfound confidence and a radiant glow that permeates every aspect of life.

Looking back on my remarkable journey, I am filled with profound gratitude for the decision I made to embark on this transformative path in Mexico. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, but ultimately, an experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. With a heart brimming with joy, I can confidently say that I am ecstatic with my results, although I acknowledge that perfection is a subjective pursuit.

Through the skilled hands of my esteemed surgeon, my vision became a stunning reality. With meticulous precision, the doctor expertly sculpted my nose, delicately shaving off the top hump, refining its contours, and slimming it to perfect harmony with my facial features. The transformation was nothing short of awe-inspiring, as my new nose effortlessly melded with the rest of my visage, allowing my natural beauty to radiate with newfound brilliance.

This journey was never about attaining an elusive notion of flawlessness. Instead, it was a celebration of individuality and a desire to bring balance and proportion to my facial aesthetics. And in that respect, my expectations were exceeded beyond measure. The refinement of my nose has become a sublime symphony, allowing my other facial features to take center stage, no longer overshadowed by a once-dominant feature.

"Throughout this transformative adventure, the support and expertise I received in Mexico were unparalleled. "

The team of dedicated professionals who guided me through every step of the process were not only exceptionally skilled but also incredibly compassionate. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring my comfort and satisfaction was a constant source of reassurance and inspiration.

As I revel in the remarkable journey I have undertaken, I am reminded that true beauty lies not in the pursuit of an unattainable ideal, but in the celebration of our unique features. My decision to undergo this life-changing procedure has brought me a profound sense of self-acceptance and renewed confidence. It has allowed me to embrace my individuality and appreciate the subtle nuances that make me who I am.

In the end, it was not just a nose that underwent transformation, but my entire outlook on beauty and self-expression. With a heart overflowing with gratitude, I embrace my new nose as a testament to the power of embracing change and embracing oneself. I would 100% do it again!

Final Results Nose job in Mexico | Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico
Final Results Nose job in Mexico

EMMA'S RATING Patient from Los Angeles, USA

5/5 Overall rating / Outcomes 5/5 Doctor's bedside manner

5/5 Answered my questions

5/5 Time spent with me

5/5 Phone / email responsiveness

5/5 Staff professionalism 4/5 Payment process 4/5 Wait times 5/5 After care follow-up (in Mexico) 4/5 After care follow-up (once in my country) 4.7 / 5 TOTAL RATING

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Jessica Coomber
Jessica Coomber
Sep 09, 2022

Well written!!! On the Riviera Maya side, we still struggle with quite a few issues. Playa del Carmen is not the place for anything significant (tattoos are pretty good, though). Cancun, it's okay...I'd genuinely suggest other options. I'm thinking of Columbia next time.

I had a legit Sinus issue. My nose was just fine, only the sinuses, and 6-months later, my nose started to collapse (it was not appropriately supported). The sinus procedure did not take, and I looked like someone had punched me in the face and broken my nose. I will say that the second Doctor did an excellent job on my nose.

In addition, I had a mini facelift and realigned my nipples with the same Doctor…


Kierra Green
Kierra Green
Jan 01, 2022

How can i get them to respond and set up an appointment date ?

Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico
Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico
May 01, 2022
Replying to

Hi Kierra,

You can contact TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico's team by email at

Good Luck! 😉

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