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TIFFANY'S STORY - Unleashing Sensual Perfection: My Alluring New Bosom by TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Surgery date: June 2020
Surgery performed: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon 
Procedure Price: US$3,400

TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico | Breast Implants surgery in Mexico - Patient's review. Breast Augmentation Experience in Mexico
Tiffany's Breast implants review - Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico

"I’d read countless reviews ,,I did tons of research online. I also watched YouTube videos, talked to friends who’d had the same procedure, I looked at literally thousands of before and after breast pictures, trying to figure out my ideal size..."

Hey there, I'm Tiffany, and I'm 32 years young! I wanted to share my breast augmentation journey in Mexico through this post, hoping to help those who are considering getting plastic surgery overseas. Making a decision like this isn't easy at all! I personally spent over a year contemplating this procedure in Mexico. I read countless reviews and did tons of research, online. I also watched YouTube videos, talked to friends who had undergone the same procedure, and looked at thousands of before and after breast pictures to figure out my ideal size.

I came across some scary stories that showed things could go wrong, which made me worried about getting a botched surgery or developing complications like capsular contracture. However, after carefully considering different factors like the surgeon's reputation and experience, the price versus potential risks, time off from work, the location of the procedure, the doctor I wanted to work with, recovery time outside my country, and everything else you can think of, I finally decided that 2020 would be the year I went through with breast surgery in Mexico City with TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico.

My model pictures BEFORE surgery! 

AFTER my breast implants! 

Now, let me make it clear that I'm not trying to persuade anyone to have surgery in Mexico or avoid it altogether. I just want to be transparent and share my personal experience in the hopes of helping others. If you're considering surgery overseas, my first recommendation is to have a one-on-one conversation with someone who has gone through it. Personal discussions can provide much more insight than watching videos or reading blogs. In my case, I reached out to Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico because a friend had recommended them.

"Personal discussions can provide much more insight than watching videos or reading blogs. In my case, I reached out to Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico because a friend had recommended them."

After initial contact with Tania - a patient coordinator/planner, I received a quote, pre-operative instructions, and information about my journey in Mexico City. Then, I took a couple of months to think and pray about the decision to go to Mexico. Being my first major surgery, I was definitely a bit nervous.

When planning my recovery, I decided to take a 10-day "vacation" and requested two weeks off from work. As an architect and lingerie model, it's tough for me to be away from the office for an extended period. Since my job is demanding, I assumed I would need around two weeks to recover from the surgery, which had always held me back from getting it done earlier. - Most of my friends who had breast augmentations were able to return to work within one to two weeks. -


When I arrived in Mexico City, I immediately felt a sense of family. Even though I had considered the surgery for months, meeting the surgeons and staff and having consultations made the experience feel 100% real, and things started moving quickly from there! On my arrival day, I had a consultation with my surgeon, Dr. Bernardo Balthazar Rendon. We finalized the implant size, and he provided me with the last instructions. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect,  but I was ready to go!!

The next morning was the day of my surgery, scheduled around 11 am. The preparations were pretty straightforward: no eating or drinking after midnight, showering with antibacterial wash and washing my hair in the morning. In my hotel room, I rearranged snacks to counter level to avoid reaching up, and I made a cozy spot in my bed with pillows. I got my pajamas ready for when I returned to the hotel. My surgeon advised me to wear warm, comfortable clothing and a shirt that buttons up the front, and remove any jewelry.


On the surgery day, a personal assistant picked me up from Scala Magna hotel and took me to the hospital and the pharmacy to collect my prescriptions. At the hospital, I got all set up with anesthesia, an IV, a surgical gown, booties, and a cap. I filled out some paperwork confirming my understanding of the risks, the type of surgery, and my personal information. Then, I was taken to a pre-op area where I met the nurse, nurse anesthetist, anesthesiologist, and my doctor. The nurse put on leg warmers to prevent blood clots and started an IV. I received antibiotics and a steroid called Decadron, I think. Next, the surgeon came in and marked me with a marker, taking measurements from every angle. Soon, I found myself being wheeled into the operating room. As the anesthesia took effect, I drifted into a peaceful sleep.

"When I woke up from the surgery, I felt a little shaky and confused. The doctor reassured me that everything went well without any problems. My immediate question was, "Can I see?" It was an incredible feeling to finally have something I had been waiting for years".

Fortunately, I didn't experience much discomfort in my chest. The only pain I felt was in my throat from the breathing tube, and drinking enough water to soothe it was a challenge. I remember telling the nurse that my pain level was around 5 out of 10. It felt like I was wearing a slightly too small bra, making it difficult to take deep breaths. The medications made me very tired. In the hours following surgery, I didn't experience a lot of pain, but I was extremely hungry due to the fasting before the surgery. I stayed overnight at the hospital, and the next day I returned to the hotel.


During my first few days at the hotel, I didn't move around much except to go to the bathroom. I felt fine and spent my time watching Netflix. I could get up and walk around without any issues, as my doctor had advised. Overall, I felt pretty normal, but I avoided strenuous activities. I had read stories about women struggling to get out of bed or use the restroom without help, so I was concerned. I thought I would have to sleep sitting up and wouldn't be able to lie on my stomach for six months. I also thought lifting anything over 10 pounds would be impossible.

"I prepared myself for unbearable pain and the feeling of my chest being on fire. However, my actual recovery experience was completely different from what I had anticipated based on my research on breast augmentation, which was mostly fear-inducing."

The pain gradually lessened three days after surgery. The most intense discomfort I felt was on the second and third days, but it was more like tightness and discomfort rather than intense pain. I would say I was quite functional right from the beginning, but some activities like pulling up my pants or opening tight lids were more challenging than I expected. However, I could still manage to respond to my online clients and even paint my nails (I had removed the polish before surgery but suddenly felt the urge to get them done again!).

However, limited movement weakened my muscles and led to constipation, which was aggravated by the medications I was taking. To address this, I increased my water intake and started taking a laxative and probiotic on the fourth day.

In the first week, I experienced some back soreness due to sleeping in an unusual position, sitting at a 90-degree angle. Mornings were the toughest because I hadn't moved or done exercises for a while, which I found crucial for my recovery. Although nothing was unbearably painful, I was cautious about certain activities. For instance, it took me over a week to straighten my hair. But as each day passed after the third day, I felt better and had no trouble showering or getting dressed. Staying active helped me feel better and more like my usual self. My incisions required some care during the healing process. My surgeon advised me not to wear a bra all the time and to let the incisions air out. He even added an extra stitch during a post-op appointment to ensure the incision edges held together, but it was removed the following week.


On my ninth day in Mexico, my last day there, I visited a mall near my hotel.

BACK TO THE USA When I returned to the USA, it took about a month to feel completely normal, but transitioning back to my regular routine was relatively easy. I went back to work as planned after two weeks of recovery. Nobody could believe that I had just had a breast augmentation! They commented on how normal I seemed, how well I moved around, and how I had no problem maintaining my regular schedule with clients. I never felt incapable of doing my job. However, for over three weeks, I was cautious with certain activities such as opening and closing windows, lifting heavy objects, and doing chest exercises. I listened to my doctor's advice and waited for four weeks before attempting to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds. Overall, everything went according to plan, and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth my recovery was. My surgeon was amazing, and I'm extremely happy with the results. Getting this breast augmentation is truly one of the best things I have done for myself!

TIFFANY'S RATING Patient from Boston, USA

5/5 Overall rating / Outcomes 5/5 Doctor's bedside manner

4/5 Answered my questions

4/5 Time spent with me

4/5 Phone / email responsiveness

5/5 Staff professionalism 4/5 Payment process 3/5 Wait times 5/5 After care follow-up (in Mexico) 4/5 After care follow-up (once in my country) 4.3 / 5 TOTAL RATING

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