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BREAST AUGMENTATION IN MEXICO - Patient's Review | TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

"I’d read endless reviews ,,I did tons of research -mostly on RealSelf. I also watched YouTube videos, talked to friends who’d had the same procedure, I looked at literally thousands of before and after breast pictures, trying to figure out my ideal size..."

My name is Tiffany, I am 32 years old, by sharing my breast augmentation experience in Mexico in this post I am hoping I can help answer questions for those who are about getting plastic surgery overseas. Making such a decision is not easy! I’d been myself considering this procedure in Mexico for over a year!! over time, I’d read endless reviews ,,I did tons of research -mostly on RealSelf. I also watched YouTube videos, talked to friends who’d had the same procedure, I looked at literally thousands of before and after breast pictures, trying to figure out my ideal size!

I’d also read plenty of horror stories proving a number of things could go wrong. My main concerns were having a botched surgery or developing capsular contracture, which causes pain or asymmetry,, but After weighing the pros and cons of the different variables (surgeon’s reputation and experience, price vs possible risks, time off from work, place where I wanted to carry out the procedure, potential doctor, the recovery time outside my country, and everything else you could possibly think of. etc), I made the decision that 2020 would be the year that I went through with breast surgery in Mexico City with TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico.

 My model pictures BEFORE surgery! 

AFTER my breast implants! 

In this post I am not trying to influence anyone into getting surgery in Mexico or abstaining from it, i just want to share my personal experience in an effort to be transparent and to help others. My first recommendation if you are considering a surgery overseas, is to talk to someone in person, one-on-one, about her experience! Intimate discussions are much more insightful than a video or a blog. I contacted with Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico because I was referred by a friend.

After the initial contact with a patient coordinator / planner, I received my quote, the pre-operative instructions, and information about my journey in Mexico City. Then, I gave myself a couple of months to think and pray over the decision to go to Mexico,, being my first major surgery there were definitely some nerves.

When planning my recovery, I decided to take 10 days “vacations” and I requested two weeks off from work.

"I contacted with TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico because I was referred by a friend".

I work as an architect (and lingerie model), and it’s difficult for me to be out of the office for an extended period of time. Since my job is demanding, I assumed I would need about two weeks to recover from surgery (that always held me back to get it before).

I have friends who’ve had breast augmentations, and most said they were able to go back to work within one to two weeks.

ARRIVAL DAY AT MEXICO CITY… When I arrived at Mexico, I immediately felt I was in family. Although I had considered my surgery for months, going to meet surgeons and staff and have consultations made the experience 100% REAL, and from now … the ball rolled pretty quickly!

The day I arrived I had a consultation with my surgeon – Dr Bernardo Balthazar Rendon - where I tried on and finalized what would be my implant size and received the last instructions, I didn’t really know what to expect, to be honest  but I was ready to roll.

The day of my surgery was fixed the next morning around 11H00am – and things were pretty simple… No eating or drinking after midnight. Shower with antibacterial wash and hair wash in the morning.

In my hotel room, I moved all the snacks to counter level, to avoid my having to reach up, and I made an elevated spot in my bed with pillows. I got my pajamas out and ready, for when I’d arrive hotel.

My surgeon asked me to wear warm comfy clothing and a shirt that either snaps or buttons up the front and take off any jewelry.

SURGERY DAY… A personal driver picked me up at Scala Magna hotel and he drove me to the hospital and to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions. I arrived at hospital and I got all set up – anesthesia, IV, surgical gown, booties, and cap. I filled out paper work stating I understand the risks, confirming what surgery I am getting, confirming who I am, date of birth, etc, After that I was led back to a pre-op area and I was given a bracelet with my name, date of birth, and allergies. This is where i met the nurse, nurse anesthetist, anesthesiologist, and my doctor.

The nurse put a plastic leg warmer looking things on my legs (to prevent me from getting blood clots) and she started an IV. I got an antibiotic (Flagyl) and Decadron, a steroid I think. Next the surgeon came in and drew on me with marker. Him and his nurse took out a measuring tape and measured me every which way leaving me covered with marker.

Next I remembered being wheeled into the OR room. Once in the operating room, they started administering the anesthesia.. what to me was a glorious nap … and I started to hear voices coaxing me awake. I woke up from my surgery shaking and a little bit confused, the doctor said that the surgery went well and with no problems and I immediately asked, “Can I see?” It was just an amazing feeling finally having something I’d waited for years.

I didn’t feel any discomfort in my chest. The only pain was in my throat, from the breathing tube and I couldn’t drink enough water to soothe it. I remember telling the nurse that my pain level was a 5 out of 10. It felt like I was wearing a bra that was a few sizes too small—I couldn’t take a deep breath. The medications made me very tired. In the hours following surgery, I was not in a lot of pain but I was super-hungry from fasting before surgery.

I stayed a night a hospital and the next day I got back to hotel.

DAYS AT HOTEL…The first days at hotel, I didn’t get around much, except to go to the bathroom. I felt fine and stayed awake lounging around watching Netflix. I was able to get up and walk around fine, which my doctor had said I needed to do anyway. I felt pretty normal overall but didn’t do anything strenuous. I’ve read about women not being able to get out of bed by themselves, not being able to use the restroom without aid—and I was worried. I was thinking I had to sleep sitting up and I wouldn’t be able to lie on my stomach for six months,, and wouldn’t be able to lift anything over 10 pounds.. I was expecting the pain to be unbearable, that my chest was going to be on fire!!! Ah Ah.. I really tried to prepare for the worst. Most of what’s online is so scare-mongering! but hat my research on breast augmentation turned up was completely different from what I experienced during my recovery.

The following morning, I managed to shower. I was cautious when lifting my arms above my head to shampoo my hair; I really took my time. Drying my hair was more of a problem—I had to air-dry for one week.

3 days after the surgery pain has slowly lessened. The maximum pain level I experienced was the second and third day, which was really just a tightness and discomfort, not actual intense pain. I would say I was pretty functional from the get-go, but things like pulling up my pants and unscrewing lids presented more difficulty than I expected. I was able to do things like respond to my online clients, paint my nails (I had taken off my nail polish before surgery and had a sudden urge to get my nails done :---))… but the lack of movement weakened my muscles and contributed to constipation, which was made worse by all the meds (the muscle relaxer, two types of painkillers, an anti-nausea medication, and an antibiotic). So I had to increase my water intake and began taking a laxative and probiotic on day four.

The first week, my back was sore, from sleeping in an abnormal position- I was sitting at a 90-degree angle. Mornings were the hardest, because I’d gone so long without moving or doing my exercises -which I feel contributed the most to my recovery-. Nothing was unbearably painful, but I did fear certain activities. For example, it took me more than a week to straighten my hair.

But 3 days after surgery I felt better each day after that and had no problem showering or dressing. Staying active helped me feel better and more normal.

My incisions were a little persnickety when healing. My surgeon told me not to wear a bra all the time and to let the incisions air out. He ended up putting one extra stitch during a post-op appointment, to make sure the edge held together. It was taken out the following week.

LAST DAY IN MEXICO CITY…The day nine -my last day in Mexico, I went to a mall near my hotel.

BACK TO THE USA… it took me one month to feel completely normal but I found it quite easy to return to a normal routine.

I returned to work as planned, after 2 weeks of recovery. Nobody could believe I’d just had a breast augmentation! They commented on how normal I acted, how I moved around just fine, and how I had no problem seeing my regular schedule of clients. Not once did I feel like I wasn’t able to do my job. However for over 3 weeks I limited certain activities, like opening windows or pulling them closed, lifting heavy items, and doing chest exercises. Cautious not to disturb the healing process, I listened to my doctor and waited until my four-weeks before attempting to lift anything heavier than the 10 pounds.

Overall, everything worked out as I had planned I was, honestly, very surprised by how smooth my recovery was, my surgeon was amazing, I’m really pleased with my result, this is one of the best thing I’ve done for myself!

Surgery performed: Breast Implants / 
Date: June 2020
Country: Mexico 
City: Mexico City
Hospital / Medical Center: TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico
Referral website:
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