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WHAT IS A MOMMY MAKEOVER IN MEXICO? | Faq's & Recommendation

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Before & After | Mommy Makeover Surgery in Mexico

TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico patient's -

All Inclusive Mommy Makeover Package in Mexico -

Breast implants + Tummy Tuck + 360° Liposuction (Abdomen, Abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back) + Included 10 days in a 4**** hotel


Average cost in the USA: US$30,000 (savings 70%)

"Yes, you can be a Hot Mamma and look as slim and sexy as ever in only a few weeks!"

Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico patient's - Mommy Makeover Surgery

What does a Mommy Makeover in Mexico consist of?

A mommy makeover is a new trend in plastic surgery which involves a combination of body contouring procedures. The goal is to create a younger body with sexy curves!

The surgery can include:

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

360° Liposuction

Brazilian Butt Lift / BBL (buttock augmentation through fat injection into Buttocks)

Breast Lift with or without implants

Breast augmentation

Breast Reduction

Labiaplasty / Vaginal rejuvenation

"Most of our patients say that their mommy makeover leaves them with a better body than ever before"

Said Fabiana Rosen - Managing Director at Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico.

Why is Mexico the best country for Mommy Makeover?

Cosmetic surgery is a worldwide trend, with people traveling all over the world to get the procedure of their dreams. While some countries are known for their high quality plastic surgery other are famous for their affordable costs; however, some lead the pack in terms of expertise and because they have the highest number of plastic surgeons.

Foreign patients of the US and Canadian middle class can access cosmetic surgery in Mexico at affordable prices contributing every year to an increase of 25% medical tourism industry in the country.

Before & After Mommy Makeover Results
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What about Mommy Makeovers in Mexico...

For more than 20 years Mexico has been the country with the highest number of US and Canadian patients traveling for body transformation and complete body Lift after massive weight loss, with many top-ranking plastic surgeons specializing in mommy makeovers.

Some of the best and most prepared Mexican plastic surgeons are in Mexico City.

Mommy Makeovers in Mexico has been on a steady rise in recent years as technological advancements expand to offer services that are safe for a greater range of people.

According to new data from the Aesthetic Society - in 2020 - International patients spent over 900 million dollars on cosmetic procedures in Mexico.

As of 2020, there were over 3,500 plastic surgeons in Mexico. When it comes to the cities with the highest number of plastic surgeons, Mexico City top the list.

If you want to know if a doctor is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Mexico, you can verify here:

Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva, A.C. (AMCPER)

Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery


Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Plástica CMCPER


How popular is Mommy Makeover in Mexico?

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (www.isaps.org) Mexico ranks fifth worldwide for the most cosmetic procedures but the country is the number one destination for US patients looking for plastic surgery out of their country. In a report issued in 2019, Mexico is the third country in America with the highest number of plastic surgeons - after the USA and Brazil.

Mexico City is the city in Mexico which has the most plastic Surgeons per capita with 3.20 plastic surgeons for every 100,000 residents.

The number of women getting a Mommy Makeover procedure in Mexico is on the rise. Why? Because more women are thinking about body contouring procedures to maintain a perfect figure. They prefer to get one surgery including several procedures at once for many reason: It reduce the costs, it’s only one recovery and one healing period, and for international patients it’s only one trip to undergo a total body transformation. This why mommy makeovers are so powerful!

In the past decade, the number of mommy makeover in Mexico has increased by 120%.

At our facility, the mommy makeovers are at the forefront of high demand plastic surgery with an increase each year of 25% for our international patients and over 30% for national patients.

Is a mommy makeover in Mexico worth it?

Mommy makeovers at our facility - in Mexico City, have a successful history of thousands of satisfying women from all over the world.

The procedure corrects concerns that exercise and diet can’t.

With a great advantage –you will only need one operation and hence one recovery, to get a slimmer and more defined waistline, perkier and more youthful-looking breasts, and an overall boost in confidence. As a consequence, it will reduce overall cost and minimize recovery time. This leads to a faster return to work and to parenting …also known as work!

Over the years this mommy makeovers made the top 3 list of highly-rated procedures.

Over 97% of our patients say that a mommy makeover is worth having!

Diana, a satisfied patient, a 44-year-old mother of three, says about her experience in Mexico City:

Diana C. -

Mommy Makeover: Surgeries performed

Breast implants + Tummy Tuck + 360° Liposuction (Abdomen, Abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back) + Included 10 days in a 4**** hotel


Average cost in the USA: US$30,000 (savings 70%)

“We take care of our children, our husbands, our coworkers, other family members, friends… all before we think of ourselves. As much as I adore my children, they certainly wreaked havoc on my body! After many years of feeling uncomfortable with my body I began doing research on plastic surgeons in Mexico. I researched several clinics in Mexico City and Tijuana, but once I found TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico I knew immediately that was the right place to have my surgery…From start to finish, my experience in Mexico City with Dr Rendon and his team was wonderful. I look good, I feel fit, healthy and sexy, I feel more confident, outgoing and happy. It was definitely worth it!”

After a massive weight loss or pregnancy - and equal parts messy and wonderful - we have to admit it, we feel less sexy and attractive. However the desire to tweak parts of her appearance shouldn’t be met with disdain.

Despite our best efforts to get rid of these unwanted changes, Mommy makeover surgery is the unique long-lasting solution to correct certain concerns such as separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), breast sagging, excess skin, and stubborn pockets of fat.

If your question is “Is a mommy makeover results are worth it?” They absolutely are… as long you choose the right surgeon.

Most women understand that while incision lines are permanent, they will fade over time.

At TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico, we make every effort to create clean incisions and minimize scarring whenever we can providing the best “value-for-scar.”


Article written by Gabriela Lomo - Office Manager at www.TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico.com