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BLOG | Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Mexico [2024]

Updated: Jun 4

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost in Mexico
Cost of plastic surgery in Mexico [2024



Below you will find the average nacional costs of popular plastic surgery procedures in Mexico. (data updated on June, 2024): These numbers only reflect standard procedure costs (surgeon and facility fees). AVERAGE NATIONAL COSTS OF POPULAR PLASTIC SURGERY PROCEDURES IN MEXICO

(data updated on June, 2024) FACE PROCEDURES Rhinoplasty US$3,100 Enquire Price > Revision Rhinoplasty US$3,500 Enquire Price > Ethnic Rhinoplasty US$3,400 Enquire Price > Eyelid Surgery / Blepharoplasty Upper Eyelid US$2,200    Enquire Price > Lower Eyelid US$2,200   Enquire Price > Upper + Lower Eyelid US$2,700   Enquire Price >

Face Lift / Rhytidectomy Mid Face + Neck Lift US$4,000   Enquire Price > (Deep Plane Face Lift / SMAS Lift) Lateral Brow Lift US$2,500   Enquire Price > (Elevation of the eyebrows tail) Complete Face Lift   US$4,500   Enquire Price > (Mid + Neck + Lateral Brow Lift)

Other Face surgeries

Ears / Otoplasty US$2,700    Enquire Price > Chin Implant US$3,500  Enquire Price > Fat Pad Removal  US$1,900   Enquire Price >

Upper Lip Shortening US$1,900   Enquire Price > BODY PROCEDURES Breast Breast Implants US$3,800    Enquire Price >  Breast Implants Replacement US$4,200    Enquire Price >  Breast Reduction US$3,800   Enquire Price >  Breast Lift US$3,800   Enquire Price >  Breast Lift + Implants US$4,000  Enquire Price >  Gynecomastia US$2,800    Enquire Price > 

(Male Breast Reduction)

Liposuction Abdominal + Flanks US$3,000    Enquire Price >  360° body Lipo US$3,500   Enquire Price > 

Brazilian Butt Lift - BBL Buttock Augmentation with Micro Fat Grafting Injection Brazilian Butt lift US$3,500   Enquire Price >  + 2 areas Liposuction (abdomen + flanks)

Brazilian Butt lift          US$4,000   Enquire Price >  + 360° Body Liposuction

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck US$3,800   Enquire Price >  + Belt Lipectomy Tummy Tuck           US$5,200   Enquire Price >  + 360° Body Liposuction

Body Lift after Weight Loss Arms Lift / Brachioplasty US$3,500 Enquire Price >  Thighs Lift US$3,800   Enquire Price >  Torsoplasty      US$3,500  Enquire Price >  (chest lift for men)

GENITAL / INTIMATE (women) Labiaplasty Vaginal Rejuvenation US$2,600 Enquire Price >  Vaginoplasty Vaginal Tightening US$2,800   Enquire Price >  Labiaplasty + Vaginoplasty US$3,200  Enquire Price > 

GENITAL (men) Penoplasty Penile Lengthening US$3,200 Enquire Price >  Girth Enhancement US$2,900  Enquire Price >  Penoplasty + Girth Enhancement US$4,000 Enquire Price > 



Why Do Plastic Surgery Costs in Mexico Vary from One City to Another?

The cost of plastic surgery in Mexico can vary significantly from one city to another. Several factors contribute to these variations:

Cost of Living / Location of the Practice

Cities with higher economic prosperity, such as Mexico City and Monterrey, tend to have higher surgery prices.

Plastic Surgeon's Fee / Surgeon Expertise and Reputation

Surgeons with extensive experience, advanced training, and a strong reputation in the field may charge more for their services. Top-rated surgeons in metropolitan areas often have higher fees compared to those in smaller cities. International patients should select the most appropriate surgeon for the cosmetic procedure they need to undergo, rather than making a decision based on the surgeon's fee.

"Working with the most qualified surgeons, who usually cost more up-front, will indeed save you expense in the long-term, considering that they tend to provide exceptional outcomes with a much lower risk of complications."

Cost of Anesthesia

Surgery can be performed either under IV sedation or general anesthesia. In general, the cost of anesthesia in Mexico can range from around $250 (for local anesthesia) to more than $2,500 for general anesthesia administered by a certified anesthesiologist in a hospital operating room.

"We advise being very careful when selecting a plastic surgeon to perform any type of cosmetic surgery. They need to team with a board-certified anesthesiologist to prevent crucial safety issues."

Cost of Operating Room / Medical Infrastructure

The average cost per minute of operating room time in Mexico is around $300. If a hospital has invested more money in advanced technology, equipment, and a state-of-the-art surgical facility, operating room costs may be higher than another facility with basic necessities.

Complexity of the Case / Patient's Medical History

The more complex the procedure, the longer it will take, and the more expensive it will be. The patient's medical history and overall health can elevate the level of difficulty of the surgery.

Tourism and Accessibility

Cities with better transportation infrastructure and easier access might have higher costs due to the convenience they offer to patients traveling for surgery.

Local Regulations and Taxes

Different states in Mexico have varying regulations and taxes that can impact the overall cost of medical procedures. Some regions might have stricter regulations, leading to higher compliance costs for clinics.

TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico's patient's Review Breast implants + 360°Lipo + Brazilian Butt Lift + 8 days in a 4**** Hotel

Total Cost: US$7,800

"BLOG | Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Mexico"

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