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TUMMY TUCK IN MEXICO - Patient's Review | TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

My Tummy Tuck in Mexico City after my Weight Loss.

"It’s true that being a mom is an absolute miracle but sometimes I feel it is so glamorized and the struggles and changes to our bodies aren’t talked about enough".

My name is Terry, I am a very happy 2 kids mom and for me kids are my total happiness. It’s true that being a mom is an absolute miracle but sometimes I feel it is so glamorized than we never talk about the struggles and changes to our bodies. It’s okay to be imperfect after 2 kids and I am grateful to the imperfect body that is healthy and is mine but it is also necessary to do something about it.

During my pregnancies I gain a lot of weight and one day - three years ago – I decided that I was going to start caring more about me. I busted my butt to lose 80 lbs and so that is exactly what I did.

Before my weight loss!

After my weight loss I was told tummy tuck would be my only option to look good. My multiple pregnancies left me with an abdominal muscle separation and my weight loss with a lot of extra skin …really awful. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get my stomach to look good. After reaching my ideal weight (two years ago) I have wanted my tummy tuck but I didn’t do it until now for economic reasons and because I was very hesitant and nervous about the recovery process, and the scar across the bottom of my stomach. But after months of doubts I finally decided to go Mexico for my surgery (because I couldn’t afford it where I live in San Francisco)

On February 2020 I began to research plastic surgeons in Mexico City and came across TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico early in the process (first result in GOOGLE!)

I read some patients reviews about the clinic and a lot of success stories so I decided to contact the office. David was my first contact and I was completely sold.

He was knowledgeable and he made the process much less daunting. He explained me why plastic surgeons´ methods at this center make them stand out and we talked through the entire process to ease my mind.

I ended up scheduling my trip within an hour after hanging up the phone and we planned my full Tummy Tuck surgery on May 2020.

"I ended up scheduling my trip within an hour after hanging up the phone and planned my full Tummy Tuck surgery on May 2020".


I remember most of it like it was yesterday, but what I probably remember more than anything was the day leading up to the procedure. I was a freaking nervous wreck because I stupidly looked up “full abdominoplasty” on youtube :-)) and that is basically the worst mistake ever!!


Departure from San Francisco: Early 5am alarm clock. Felt so nervous but at same time like a kid on Christmas eve!!

Landed in Mexico: I was really surprised how smooth it was to get through the airport (security wise) and I was welcomed by a private driver (Gonzalo) whom had my name on a board.

"The doctor had excellent bedside manner, which made me feel comfortable".


My driver took me at Hospital Angeles to Dr. Rendon's office where I was received by his secretary who explained to me what test were going to be performed today and tomorrow morning.

She asked to see any medications I was on and made a note on my records. Then came the paperwork! Lots of it! however I was pleased to see the detail of information being taken.

Then I met Dr Rendon. The doctor had excellent bedside manner, which made me feel comfortable. He also patiently answered all my questions, -I had a big list- and he made sure I was aware of absolutely everything that could hurt or feel uncomfortable afterwards and what his plan was to stay ahead of everything that came my way during recovery.

He examined me and announced he could definitely help me, and possibly remove about 15 - 20 lbs of excess skin from my abdomen.

After my consultation I was so excited that there was NO WAY I was going to be sleeping anytime soon.

Once in my hotel room at Scala Magna Hotel I watched two movies on my tablet, dimmed the lights and eventually managed to sleep afterwards.

Felt so nervous but at same time like a kid on Christmas eve!!


My driver picked me up from my hotel at 7.00 am. He drove me to hospital where I did my blood tests and see an in-house GP. A little later I made the payment for surgery and went through all my paperwork and confirmed my blood were ok.

Meeting the anesthetist: Once in my hospital room, the anesthetist came to introduce himself and discuss general anesthesia and answer any questions I had. My surgery was programmed at 9h30am but it started at 11h30am!! I wasn´t really happy with …but no matters.. :-( Then my legs were bandaged and I was wheeled down to operating room. I did not feel nervous as they gave me some relaxant medication before we set off. Once in the operating room, I was then hooked up to the anesthetic and the room started spinning, I could hear the anesthetist said “good night, good night”.

Waking up after surgery The surgery was 4 hours long. After surgery I remember I woke up in the recovery room shivering and shaking a bit, but was told that’s normal. it took several attempts due to the general anesthesia and a reduced blood pressure making me dizzy and sick.

I was banded but few hours after my surgery, Dr Rendon already showing me pictures of my new tummy!

After Tummy Tuck pictures!


I would say that now, one year later, I do not so much remember the pain. I know it was very uncomfortable after surgery but I also remember it being manageable.

I had drains placed under the skin for a week that had to be emptied. It was so disgusting... but I was so pleased with myself that I managed it.

Every day Dr Alexandra - a lovely doctor - came at my hotel room to inspect and change dressings, and to help me to get me into the compression garment. I was blessed with her because she was nice and supportive and she knew everything Dr. Rendon requires for recovery, she sees hundreds of his patients every year so she is all aligned and synced about every little detail. I remember that 10 days post surgery I felt fantastic and was ready to go home! I couldn’t wait to see my kids.

The same driver came to pick me up from the hotel in the afternoon and took my bags etc.


I remember that one month post op the dressings were off completely and incisions looking really neat and healed over.

Today I am very happy with everything I had done and I would absolutely do it all again tomorrow. But to be honest, it was not easy, not a breeze, not glamorous and absolutely not a walk in the park. But it was worth it. I am over a year out and I absolutely love my results. The staff at topplasticsurgeonsmexico made me feel as if I was their only patient. My experience overall was a 10 out of 10. Thank you!

Before & After results!

Surgery performed: Tummy Tuck / Abdomonplasty + Liposuction
Date: May 2020 
Country: Mexico 
City: Mexico City 
Hospital / Medical Center: TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico
Referral website:
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