Before & After
Tummy Tuck + Full 360 Liposuction 
+ 10 days in a 4**** Hotel + All services
Package Cost: US$5,500


Plastic Surgery prices below include:
- The Surgical Procedure
- Board Certified Plastic Surgeons fees
- Certified Anesthesiologist and all Medical Team fees
- Certified Hospital Stay
- Supplies and disposable materials / All medication required during surgery
- Implants (if necessary)
- All the Pre and Post-operative Consultations

All Inclusive plastic surgery packages in Mexico

Patient's Age:25
Surgeries: Tummy T
uck + Full Body Liposuction + 10 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Total Package Cost: US$5,500

All Inclusive plastic surgery packages in Mexico

Patient's Age:35
Surgeries: Rhinoplasty + Tummy Tuck + Full Body Liposuction + Breast Implants + 12 days in a 4**** Hotel 
All Inclusive Package Cost: US$10,900

"Your team is professional, sweet, friendly & makes you feel so comfortable, even with the things we dislike about ourselves the most. My surgeon Dr Rendon was very informative in the consultation, and he was very thorough throughout the process. Pamela is amazing, and she makes you feel very comfortable with her knowledge and care for the patients. Alejandra is also great,, she is very kind, reassuring and attentive. Before my surgery I lost 35 lbs from before the surgery to after healing, and I feel amazing! I love my results. You are fantastic, I highly recommend your team!! No one will be disappointed! Its impossible."

"First of all, I would like to thank you a million times for my upbeat experience in Mexico and the job well done. My Surgery was beautifully done where the scars from liposuction and buttock are unnoticeable, almost perfectly done! And, I would like to thank the staff who are very Friendly and approachable. I just cannot thank you enough!!

"From day one in Mexico I have had only positive experiences. You can immediately tell that my surgeon has the professional experience and expertise, but he also takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. Every one of your staff- team (patient coordinator...) are friendly, knowledgeable and make you feel so comfortable. The healing process went just as you explained it, I am extremely happy with the outcome!"

All Inclusive plastic surgery packages in Mexico

"Your staff was awesome, on the day of the surgery everything went smooth and I left feeling confident. The recovery was quick. It is very apparent that you love what you do! My surgeon made me feel like he knew exactly what I want and in reality he made me look better than I ever thought, I am so happy with my results".

All Inclusive plastic surgery packages in Mexico

Patient's Age:29
Surgeries: Rhinoplasty + Breast implants + 7 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Total Package Cost: 

Patient's Age: 26
Surgeries: Full Body Liposuction + Brazilian Butt Lift + 7 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Total Package Cost: US$4,750

Why choose Mexico for Plastic Surgery?

Since early 2000s, Plastic Surgery in Mexico is the hottest trend! Economic benefits, No waiting lists, Post operative care and less stress made Mexico the N°1 destination for US patients seeking medical treatments and plastic surgery procedures at affordable cost. Every year, thousands of patients from all over the world travel to Mexico for plastic surgery vacations, allowing an economic growth in the country and in turn better infrastructure for the attention of international patients. To stay competitive, most cosmetic and plastic surgery centers invest heavily to provide the best facilities and technology for the safety and comfort of their patients. The techniques, equipment, and facilities in Mexico are the same (sometimes better) than those you will find in your home country.
During the last decade, Mexico has evolved into the Top 4 of the countries with highest volumes of plastic surgery procedures performed annually. Together with the USA, South Korea and Brazil, it accounts for more than 45% of all plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide, according to The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).


Having plastic surgery in Mexico | At TOP PLASTIC SURGEONS MEXICO

At our facility, we provide various benefits for international patients mainly for the location - Mexico City, Capital of Mexico - the warm service and the low cost of our All Inclusive Plastic Surgery Packages. Our team is staffed by highly qualified doctors and nurses to provide care and service with worldwide quality through an extensive infrastructure with cutting-edge medical technology; making your plastic surgery vacations at TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico comfortable and safe. Since 2001, our cosmetic surgery center has served more than +9,000 patients from the United States, Canada, Europe & Latin America.



The first step to arrange your plastic surgery vacations in Mexico is to send us the Pre Consultation Form 



Plastic Surgery mexico

Get your plastic surgery in Mexico by

Board certified plastic surgeons in Mexico

Ranked among the Top 10 Worldwide Medical Tourism Companies specialized in Plastic Surgery and named the No.1 Choice of Medical Tourism Organizations in Mexico for 4 consecutive years - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - rewarding the company for excellence in Tourism and Medical Services.

All Inclusive COSMETIC surgery Vacation in Mexico

Cosmetic surgery in Mexico has transformed many lives to those who believed in his country will never make it! The World Health Organization has rated “accredited Plastic Surgery facilities in Mexico City as comparable in quality to those in the US”. In addition, the qualifications and abilities of board certified Mexican surgeons are very well regarded.  At our Center, we understand that trust is a very important factor for the success of cosmetic surgery. TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico is composed not only by board certified plastic surgeons, but it is also part of an All Inclusive Service that includes hotel partners, private transportation, personal care, bilingual assistants and private assistance.
Your Safety is our Top Priority - It means that Quality is never sacrificed for prices! If we can offer such affordable and reasonable prices it is because the high volume of patients we receive each month allows us to negotiate lower prices with our plastic surgery hospitals / clinics, plastic surgeons and partner hotels. We invite you to get to know our Internationally recognized plastic surgery facility where we provide cutting edge medical services and procedures performed by board certified plastic surgeons who are skilled and fully accredited with extensive training in Mexico and the United States and knowledge of the art of plastic surgery. Most of them have obtained International recognitions due to their exclusivity in the field of plastic surgery with over 20 years of experience.  Our mission at TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico is to make you feel at home, creating for you, with our bilingual group of medical professionals, a pleasant experience in Mexico City.

Prices of Plastic Surgery in Mexico

How much does it cost to get plastic surgery in Mexico?

Mexico is a nation of low costs when it comes to land, labor, and materials. Having a plastic surgery performed in Mexico will make you save up to 60 -70% compared to the U.S. prices. Today, the practice of plastic surgery in Mexico has reached a high level of standards and development equal to that of the US. At TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico we provide transparent pricing and NO hidden costs! You know what you are paying for and there are no costly surprises, ever. 
If you are seeking high quality All inclusive plastic and cosmetic surgery packages in Mexico City at an excellent value to meet your budget, here is the place! Let us plan your perfect plastic surgery vacations in Mexico for procedures.

Get Your Plastic SuGery with the best plastic surgeons in Mexico

The choice of a cosmetic surgeon should reflect the qualities you appreciate in your own life: balance, refinement, artistry, and harmony. We have become Top Plastic Surgeons in Mexico by choosing doctors who combine those elements with experience and innovation.
We are proud to see that every year hundreds of patients from all over the world travel our facilty to receive unmatched results through our All Inclusive plastic and cosmetic surgery packages. With a level of service almost non-existent in the Latin America region, we differentiate from other competitive medical tourism companies by our highest quality of services, affordable prices and a highly personalized and meticulous approach. We want you to have the best possible experience in Mexico, and we have built our practice around that concept. Every detail of your plastic surgery in Mexico is geared to make you feel comfortable and cared for – beyond your expectations. Our surgeons will listen patiently to your concerns and wishes while demonstrating a full understanding of your goals and expectations. They will provide you with honest and professional feedback that aims to enhance your health and appearance; focusing on a beautiful and natural-looking result. We want you feel comfort and assurance with your decision in choosing to have your plastic surgery performed in Mexico. Patient’s don’t go to TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico office looking for an operation; they come looking for results!

Best plastic surgery in Mexico! How to make the right choice?

Over the years, we have developed a patient-centric approach. Therefore, scheduling your plastic surgery through our facility is as easy as booking a vacation through a high-end concierge service. From start to finish you will be in constant communication with your Care Manager and Patient Coordinator to assist you in anything you may need. At our facility in Mexico City, you won't have language barriers to communication with the medical team as our surgeons were trained in the United States in English-speaking medical schools and residency programs. As board certified in Mexico and in the United States, the surgeons at our facilty are as skilled with modern technology as those in the US; and we have established partnership with clinics and hospitals staffed with American physicians to help our international patients feel fully comfortable during their medical treatment in Mexico. Our partner hospitals are among the best in the world. We work with Hospital Angeles in Mexico City recognized as #1 private hospital in Mexico and best healthcare 2020. All these advantages make our facility your best choice for your plastic surgery vacations!

Surgeries: Breast Lift + Implants + 7 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Package Cost: US$3,800

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