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Tummy Tuck + Full Upper body liposuction (abdomen, abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back)



All Inclusive Tummy Tuck packages:
Tummy Tuck
(liposuction NOT included): US$3,800

Tummy Tuck + Full Upper body liposuction
(abdomen, abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back): US$5,500

The package includes:
- The Surgical procedure  
- Board Certified Plastic Surgeons fees
- Certified Anesthesiologist and all Medical Team fees
- Certified Hospital Stay
- Supplies and disposable materials / All medication required during surgery
- 9 nights / 10 days in a 4**** Hotel
- All the Pre and Post-operative Consultations
- All the local Transportation from and to (Airport / Hotel  -  Hotel / Hospital - Hotel / Medical Consultations...)
- Bilingual Assistant / Coordinator
- A doctor (not a nurse) who will visit you in your hotel room 5 days a week to check your health after surgery; and to help you change your bandages and to help you with anything you may need during your recovery time at the hotel).

Patient's Age:34
Surgeries performed: Tummy Tuck + full body liposuction + 10 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Total Package Cost: 

Patient's Age:41
Surgeries performed: Tummy Tuck + Full Body Liposuction + 10 days in a 4**** Hotel
All Inclusive Package Cost: 

Patient's Age:28
Surgeries performed: Extended Tummy Tuck + full body liposuction + 10 days in a 4**** Hotel

All Inclusive Package Cost: 

Cost Tummy Tuck Mexico



If you are interested in getting a Tummy Tuck performed in Mexico, 
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Tummy Tuck Surgery in Mexico

No area of the body is more frustrating than the stomach! Achieving a flatter, tighter abdominal area is a goal for many people, women and men alike. 

As we go through normal physical changes, such as childbirth, weight fluctuations and the aging process, excess skin and fat find a way to accumulate around our middle. Unfortunately, as many people find out, exercise and diet can prove to be unsuccessful at reclaiming the curvaceous waist of our youth. 
There are a variety of reasons why someone may be dissatisfied with his or her waistline and abdomen, and the "tummy tuck" procedure, or abdominoplasty, might be an appropriate option for achieving a slimmer, more aesthetically appealing abdominal contour.
This procedure is designed to help patients sculpt and tone their abdominal areas. During a tummy tuck, the surgeon manually tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall and sutures them into place. He / She then removes any excess skin from the patient’s abdomen to create a firmer, flatter midsection.
The Tummy Tuck procedure can be customized to each patient’s specific goals and may include liposuction or be combined with other body lift procedures.

How much does a Tummy Tuck cost in Mexico?

It seems like every year; the cost of living increases... however wages remain stagnant, so the first question we get regarding tummy tuck “how much is a tummy tuck cost?” At Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico - Mexico City, we offer affordable plastic surgery packages, so you don’t have to worry about questions like how much does a tummy tuck cost.
We know that for most of doctors it is a "really hard question to answer" because they have to consider many factors that can affect the price; but at our facility, our approach is completely different. There is no “factors”, there no hidden cost and there is no confusion; our package prices are unique and they don’t change depending on the complexity of the procedure, the size of the area treated; the volume of fat or skin removed, or the extent of the Procedure... there is no “average cost”. 
Our transparency policy is unambiguous; the prices are the same for evrybody and we do provide only two All Inclusive Tummy Tuck packages.

Tummy Tuck


Liposuction 4 areas
(Abdomen, Abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back)

Included 10 days in a 4**** hotel

Included 10 days in a 4**** hotel

Tummy Tuck


Liposuction 4 areas
(Abdomen, Abdominal flanks, Lower back, Upper back)

Buttock Augmentation
(Micro Fat Grafting technique /
Brazilian Butt Lift)

Additional costs you may wish to consider include the cost of necessary medications (US$ 60) / Supplies (compression garment US$100 – US$200) / Lab tests (US$70).
If you want to get a cheap Tummy Tuck in Mexico City, we are your best option. Get your dream body at an incredible value!

Is Tummy Tuck cheaper in Mexico?

Yes, Tummy Tuck Mexico prices can save you up to 70% compared to U.S. prices. Mexico is one of the cheapest state for Tummy Tuck. 
Located only 2 – 3 hours flight from the most important cities in the USA; Mexico City is one of the best destinations for US medical tourists seeking Tummy Tuck at a fraction of the cost of an average Tummy Tuck procedure in the US. 
Whether you live in Mexico or abroad, TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico in Mexico City is your best option. Mexico is internationally recognized for high-quality plastic surgery and is a leading country worldwide in cosmetic surgery procedures, followed by the United States and Brazil, which is why we are able to provide an array of state-of-the-art techniques, experience and treatment options for your aesthetic goals at a reasonable price.
American and Canadian women are considering Mexico City as the best place for Tummy Tuck in Mexico because the quality of patient care here is on par with some of the best hospitals anywhere in the world, including the USA and Canada.
As long as you are represented by a trusted medical tourism service provider such as TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico, you can be assured that you will work with high qualified and experienced plastic surgeons for your Tummy Tuck in Mexico City, Mexico.
Certain that plastic surgery will be the first step to recover your self-esteem, to feel better, and to enhance your quality of life, we invite you to come to Mexico City, Mexico to return home renewed!

Is it safe to go to Mexico for Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tucks are one among the best low-risk cosmetic surgeries available today. Of course, there are few risks involved, like bleeding, poor wound healing, numbness, infection, scarring, pain, skin discoloration, etc. However, you can reduce such risks by taking the assistance of a best tummy tuck surgeon. 

Tummy tuck surgery at our facility in Mexico City is very safe. To minimize your risks considerably and we have the best of technologies and we work with the absolute best Tummy Tuck surgeons in Mexico City, which means you will receive the best and safest treatment.
However, before your procedure you will have to consider the following facts:
1) A tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure that will require significant downtime and weeks to heal. Our packages includes 10 days in Mexico. This is the minimum time required in Mexico, however we recommend our patients to take two to three weeks time off from work. Strenuous physical activities will also need to be postponed for at least six weeks.
2) Tummy Tuck  is not a weight loss surgery. So it is necessary to be at a stable weight before your tummy tuck. We recommend you to be close to your desired weight (15-20 pounds from their goal weight) for 6 months before undergoing a tummy tuck in Mexico. Once you have reached your ideal weight, the tummy tuck is a wonderful way to sculpt your figure and shape your body. 

Weight fluctuations can stretch the abdominal tissues and gaining or losing additional weight can undo the contoured shape achieved through your surgery 
3) Tummy tuck is one of the most valued and effective cosmetic surgery procedures performed today, however it leaves a permanent scar a
long the abdomen. The scar will fade a bit over time, but it will remain visible for years. Our expert plastic surgeons will carefully place the incision, ensuring the scar is well-concealed under clothing, underwear and swimsuit bottoms.
4) To eliminate a buildup of blood or fluids, keeping swelling down and ensuring proper healing, surgical drains will be in place for the first week. They will require attention and care. A doctor will visit you to your hotel room every day to check them. During your first consultation in Mexico your surgeon will explain you how to care for them.
5) Take into consideration the full healing time. Your tummy tuck will give you visible results the day after your surgery, however final results won't be immediately noticeable. The process can take 1 year.  The first 10 weeks after the Tummy Tuck, redness, bruising, stiffness and swelling are common. This will slowly resolve over the next 2 - 3 months; but residual swelling can linger for 10 months and final results can be visible until 1 year. 

Who is the best Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Mexico?

The best Tummy Tuck plastic surgeon is an experimented and board certified surgeon; that proven record of thousands of safe and successful Tummy Tuck procedures.

There is a good reason why the thousand of patients from all over the world trust only TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico to perform their cosmetic and body contouring procedures. We have earned our reputation as one of the best place to have a tummy tuck at affordable cost because we have selected the best of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico to work with us. We chose them for their supreme technique, artistic eyes, meticulous nature and devotion to perfection, and – most importantly – their exquisite, long-lasting results. Following a tummy tuck in Mexico with TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico, you can expect extremely natural results with a younger-looking abdomen and an artfully shaped body contour and you will feel confident enough to wear form-fitting clothes and show off your stomach, because you’ll have the slender, beautiful body you’ve always wanted.
Our plastic surgeon partners meet the following requirements:
- They are Board Certified and active member of:
- American Society of Plastic Surgeons
- American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
- American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
- International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
They proven track record of success and outstanding patient satisfaction and they continuously participates in conferences and workshops on latest procedures and technologies. 

All Inclusive Tummy Tuck Package in Mexico

At TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico we have developed programs / All Inclusive Plastic Surgery Packages that combine some of our most popular procedures at in ways that make sense for our international patients' needs. We are here to help you meet the high standards to which you hold your physical appearance.
Affordable cost Tummy Tuck in Mexico by top plastic surgeons, involves performing Tummy Tuck + 360 Liposuction, simultaneously at affordable low price. The cost of our Tummy Tuck package in Mexico is of US$4,900.
We also provide an All inclusive Tummy Tucktravel package in Mexico City that includes;
- Tummy Tuck + Complete body Liposuction 360 / Body Contouring  
- 9 nights / 10 days in a 4**** Hotel
- All the Pre and Post-operative Consultations
- All the local Transportation from and to (Airport / Hotel  -  Hotel / Hospital - Hotel / Medical Consultations...)
- Bilingual Assistant / Dedicated Case Manager / Coordinator
- A doctor (not a nurse) who will visit you in your hotel room 5 days a week to check your health after surgery; and to help you change your bandages or to help you with anything you may need during your recovery time at the hotel).
When you choose TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico, you will receive far more than a cookie-cutter approach. Our surgeons will customize every aspect of your cosmetic surgery and are available every step of the way. You can expect from our surgeons: Exceptional artistry, technical skill, finesse, and experience / The highest certification, accreditation, and safety standards / A true appreciation of beautiful, natural, and proportional body aesthetics / A passionate approach to achieving the most attractive results that can be striking yet subtle, and a relationship between patient, surgeon, and staff that is extremely warm, intimate, calming and comfortable.
From the day you send your Pre consultation Form, your arrival at Mexico, your first visit to your surgeon office in Mexico City to the preparation phase, during the perioperative period, and throughout your recovery in Mexico City, you will experience our staff's attentiveness, thoughtfulness, meticulous attention to detail, caring, and warmth.

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